Kitchen Island Design Tips

Kitchen island table serves as the functional table in the kitchen as well as the decorative element or centerpiece. If you are currently remodeling or designing a new kitchen, you really have to consider this stuff. But of course there are several things you should consider before finally choose an island for your kitchen. In this article we have several points that can be your consideration before choosing an island table.

Marble Top on Kitchen Island Table and Counter Used for Stylish Kitchen with Contemporary Stools

Your kitchen should be able to hold an island

Well, most of modern kitchen is designer for an island, as long as the space is available for sure. This is also making straight that the small and narrow kitchen will be not possible to have it inside, since it is commonly in the center of the room or in the middle of the way in the kitchen. If the space is not possible to have it, you better leave it. But if you have enough space, the kitchen island table should complement your kitchen and be the part of it.

The purpose of the island table

Of course you will not let a single stuff inside your house without a purpose, even though the purpose is decorating the room without becomes functional. Since we are talking about the island table, the purpose of it will determine the systems in it.

The island table for cooking purpose will need a few kitchen appliances such as microwave, range, cooktop, and also warming drawers. The ventilations will be needed as well.

If you need it for prepping the meals as the main purpose, it is better to consider a sink in a point. Other than that, you should provide a surface which is pretty large and it will not be interrupted with any activities. Dishwasher is good to be considered too.

Island table can serve as the entertaining purposes such as serving a drink, light meal, welcoming guest, and something like that. Due to that, you need to provide the surface that ready to accommodate the drink and dine needs.

Wooden Kitchen Island Table and Black Stools Placed in the Center of Classic Kitchen with Tile Backsplash

The design of island table

Island table should not always come in rectangular shape. It depends on the theme of your kitchen and of course the available space. Your needs will also determine the space of the island for sure. In other hand, the island can be something called focal point. Kitchen island table can be in rectangular, T-shape, L-shape, and also rounded.

Old Fashioned White Kitchen Island Table and Stools facing Unique Glossy Backsplash for Contemporary Kitchen

Round Metal Stools and Small Kitchen Island Table near Long Wooden Counter in Minimalist Kitchen

Wide Range Hood above Classic Kitchen Island Table and Old Fashioned Stools inside Elegant Kitchen

Natural Wooden Stools and Granite Top Kitchen Island Table near Long Oak Counter

Classic Kitchen Island Table and Old Fashioned Stools Placed inside Wide Kitchen with Marble Backsplash

Cozy Grey Stools and Kitchen Island Table with Wine Racks Completing Impressive Kitchen with Hardwood Flooring

Fill Rustic Kitchen with Long Oak Kitchen Island Table and Wooden Stools on Laminate Teak Flooring

Add White Top on Wooden Kitchen Island Table Surrounded by Black Stools in Minimalist Kitchen

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