Kitchen Floor Ideas for Country French Kitchen

French Country decorating style is a endless and elegant choice that can create inviting and delicate atmosphere. It is also popularly applied in a kitchen decorating style. The basis for this design scheme is the combination of hard elements like concrete, wood and tile, with warm fabrics. If you are going to design your kitchen into French Country style, then get the kitchen floor ideas below.

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Terracotta Flooring

For a kitchen in French Country decoration, terracotta flooring is an ideal choice. This flooring system has the rustic quality like concrete, yet it is more comfortable to step on and also affordable option. In the French Country design that is full of warm and sunny color palette, the burnt orange terracotta color is perfect to fit the design. You will have more durable and easy to apply tiles of terracotta that blend easily to other colors. However, it will be very cold during cooler months; like ceramic tiles, so you need to cover the kitchen tiles with thick rugs for more comfortable feeling white stepping.

Hardwood Flooring

Choosing hardwood flooring system is also a great idea for French Country kitchen design. Apply wool or cotton rugs to cover the floor and protect it from excess moisture of splashed water. If you are on budget, you can create a hardwood flooring system by applying laminate flooring or tiles in wood-like design. It will also a more durable option.

Poured Concrete Flooring

Poured concrete is one of the best kitchen floor ideas for French Country design. The rustic pattern and texture of the poured concrete will make antique look into the kitchen design. This kind of flooring is also easy to be chilled so you might need subfloor heating for it. It is an ideal for kitchen flooring for the characteristics such as water-resistant, durable, and easy to clean.

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Faux Concrete Flooring

Faux concrete is a good option if the professionally poured concrete flooring is too expensive for you. Cement tiles will bring similar effect and available in various colors. So you can choose the best color to suit the cabinetry, appliances and the other decorations. Faux concrete flooring is easy to install and a very durable option.

Checkboard Tiles

Applying tiles in black and white checkboard style is a great idea to bring eclectic look inside a French Country kitchen. It is perfect because repeating patterns are also commonly found in French country design, then you can apply it as the kitchen floor ideas if you like.

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