Kitchen Customization: Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Having a perfect kitchen is the dream of every living creature called human. To accomplish their dream, they need extra budget and extra effort to enable them to fulfill their wishes. When we build our own kitchen, sometimes we meet the difficulties of having the same color of counters and cabinets. When seeing this dissimilarity, the house owner feels willingly to purchase extra budget to unify the cabinets with their counters by buying the painted kitchen cabinets. The painting cabinets are needed when we do not meet the counters and cabinets match. Let us now discuss about the kitchen customization to espouse our kitchen performance.

White Painted Kitchen Cabinets and Blue Island inside Wide Kitchen with Wooden Stools and Grey Backsplash

The most often color appeared to be painted is the white color cabinets. The white cabinets are equipped usually with the marble counters. The color of the marbles could be yellow, wood-like, crème, or even rustic yellow. If the house owner wish to paint the cabinets black, the choice for the black marble or silver marble is also good to support your perfect kitchen performance. Moreover if you have the bars and stool those are set to view the counters and cabinets. In addition to that, the tools and the bar should also be customized in order to be united with other changing color furniture.

In painting the kitchen cabinets, you are suggested to not being too much in painting them, you are able to have a doff or glossy wood paint. If you prefer certain color such as red, green or yellow, you are insisted to have the same color theme and the same color number as the counters are being painted too.

Wooden Island and Grey Painted Kitchen Cabinets Combined inside Vintage Kitchen with Bright Track Lamp

The next thing for the “donts” is to choose the theme of too many pattern or character. The classy and modern kitchen customization lies on the color choices. Do not use a certain character, it will be seen too spoiled or too childish. It is the personal preference that should be only is applied at least for the bedroom and not for the kitchen settings.

The more we understood the concept of modernity or classic the easier we choose the appliances and furniture for every part of our houses, especially kitchen.

Now, what are you waiting for? You are now able to change the cabinets (even the old ones) by applying the same colored cabinets and counters. If you already possess the cabinets or the counters, you are now on your duty calls to paint the counters and the cabinets with the same color and theme.

Add Oak Stools and Wooden Island in Traditional Kitchen with Clean Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Complete Tiny Open Kitchen with Small Island and White Painted Kitchen Cabinets on Laminate Flooring

Dark Oak Painted Kitchen Cabinets and Brown Quartz Countertop Decorated with Bright Under Cabinet Lights

Decorate Old Fashioned Kitchen with Grey Painted Kitchen Cabinets and Unique Ceiling Lamp

Grey Tile Backsplash and Interesting Painted Kitchen Cabinets Placed in Old Fashioned Kitchen with Hardwood Flooring

Interesting Lighting for Contemporary Kitchen with Long Brown Painted Kitchen Cabinets and Granite Top

Laminate Teak Flooring Used in Open Kitchen with Clean White Painted Kitchen Cabinets and Grey Countertop

Marble Top and White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Placed inside Small Kitchen with Tile Flooring

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