Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas to Make your Cooking Space Become Stand Out

Heart of a home lies in a kitchen. This is not only a space to cook and eat, but also to collect family for some Friday nights gathering and to welcome guests for small meetings. What you need is a functional kitchen yet stylish one. Kitchen counter is a major feature a kitchen must have. The function is to keep appliances and other kitchen utensils nice and tidy. Decorating it can help you to beautify your kitchen without putting aside its function. Finding a decorative approach of it will give you some inspirations. Check these tips about kitchen counter decor ideas.

Classy Interior Kitchen Using White Cabinet also Marble Top Plus Pendant Lighting

Beautifying Your Cooking Space with Kitchen Counters

The first thing you need to consider is a space. If you don’t have any bigger space and there is only one plain wall, you can install one section only but be total in decorating it to be an attractive element. As you cannot put too many decorative elements due to small space, you can use colorful appliances and some utensils to flourish the look. Appliances with different colors and hues are available in many stores now. Some of them come with some bold colors like red, orange, green, and yellow. For bigger counter space, you can wrap your walls with some sections. Having more counters help you to place kitchen objects at anywhere you think is good and nice. You can add actual foodstuffs to create more colors, such as bread basket, fruit in a large bowl, a strawberry jam jar, and other stores.

For themes, you can try different options based on your taste. Monochromatic palette is one of them. Play with black and white colors for simple look. You can apply these colors by installing black and white tiles to your kitchen walls and choose white or gray counter against them. Another option is you can have a neutral kitchen zone by inviting different warm colors into your kitchen, such as light gray, soft peach, and ivory. For the real application, you can have your floor made from light gray tiles and combine it with peach or ivory counters.

Delightful Interior Kitchen With Black Wooden Cabinet also Granite Top

Yellow is a color to pop up the look. Bring summer into your kitchen by having yellow ornaments. A yellow chair, yellow chrysanthemum, a yellow hand towel are things you can use to make your cooking space look brighter and stand out. To compensate the theme, choosing steel counters is a wise decision. So well, decorating your counters is something to do with the counters themselves and flourish them with unique and colorful appliances is an alternative way for right decorative approach.

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