Kinds of Wood Office Desk Based on Shape and Function for Number of People

Good work result is determined by how comfortable the office is. And the comfortable office is determined by how comfortable the desk is. A desk which is spacious gives you extra space to move and place documents. Office desks have many variants in term of shape and function. Mostly, they are made of wood. Wood is durable and strong. These are kinds of wood office desk based on its shape and function.

Casual Office Desk and Chair Of Wooden Material Plus Lamp

Kinds of Wood Office Desk

Adjusting shape and size of the desk with the number of people work on it is important. It is impossible to let six people work together on 120 cm x 80 cm squared desk. It will be too crowded and inconvenient. You need a bigger one.

1. Wooden Dual Sided Desk

Dual sided desk lets people work facing each other. It is good for work which needs coordination and communication to each others. People can share their opinions and things in an easy access. For home office, you can let your kid invite his friends for group study using this kind of desk.

2. Wooden L-Shaped Desk

L-shaped desk is suitable for you who works alone but has many documents which need follow-up. This desk facilitates you with some drawers to keep your stuffs. You can still have some spaces too to display your beloved family photo frames or some stationary.

3. Wooden Wall Units Desk

This desk is also suitable for those who keep many files. This desk is long and has wall units above it. If you work as an artist or a painter, this type of desk fits to your private office. The long desk allows you to keep your watercolors and a series of brushes, while the wall units will be gladly to display your masterpieces.

Hunky Home Office Using White Desk also Yellow Chair Plus Silver Chandelier

4. Wooden Hidden Storage Desk

For you who don’t like to occupy your desk with stuffs and gadgets, this desk is perfect. This desk may look small, but don’t underestimate it for keeping your things. It has hidden compartments which you can open up. Put your gadgets, stationery, and notebooks inside. Close it when you need its flat surface to type or write something. This is very practical for your simple style.

5. Wooden Contemporary Desk

This is a typical of modern desk, a squared table with only 2 or 3 drawers. You cannot work in a group on this desk and this is only suitable for some simple work with less files.

Interesting Mounted Shelve above Wood Office Dsk also Modern Drawers

Lovely Interior Room Using Built In Lamp also Brown Wood Office Desk

Magnificent Room Using Dark Chair also Two Wood Office Desk near Tufted Sofa

Marvelous Room With Elegant Wood Office Desk also Table Lamp and Chair

Outstanding Wood Desk also Chair Plus Book Shelve For Decorating Room

Pleasant Room With Large and High Book Shelve also Wood Desk

Stuning Office Room With Wood Desk also Black Office Chair

Impressive Wood Office Desk also Charming Chair Plus Visible Glass Bookshelve

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