Kids Rooms Ideas of How to Do Some Creative Painting

When you paint your kids’ bedroom in creative way, it can make the room inspires and reflects creativity. There are many kids rooms ideas that can be applied creatively, instead of painting in boring white color. You can use chalkboard paint, making glowing stars, murals, etc. so it becomes a background for the kids playing with full imagination.

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Painting the Wall Like Chalkboard

If you paint the wall to be like a chalkboard, it can become a play station for the kids without taking a floor space. On a free area in the room, paint one side of the wall, closet door, or bedroom door with chalkboard paint. It will become a lovely drawing area for the little one. You can add more creative and decorative touches on the chalkboard paint such as animals, cartoon characters, aliens, flowers or anything. Otherwise, you can also draw people silhouettes that can invite your child’s creativity by giving expressions, clothing, etc. through chalk drawing.

Paint the Sky inside the Room

Your child must love to have sky scene on one or more walls inside his/ her room. You can choose to make the painting in daytime or nighttime looks. To get a daytime sky look, paint a wall in solid light blue and then draw some puffy clouds to make the painting looks real. On the other hand, you can make the nighttime sky painting by applying solid black color on one side of the wall. This painting will be loved much by little boys who love all about space. Draw some stars, a moon or even planets to make the sky looks real. Use glow-in-the-dark paint to draw the sky so that your child can see it like a real sky when the light is switched off at nights.

Taking Kids Rooms Furniture Using Wooden Bed and Dresser also Mount Shelve

Drawing Murals

Murals always become a product of creativity applied on the walls. You can also apply it in your child’s bedroom walls to improve his/ her fantasy and creativity. You can choose any theme to draw the murals such as castle. Start to draw fake stone blocks on one or more wall sides. Otherwise, you can paint the castle on a top of distanced hill. Besides, you can also paint the mural in other theme such as pirates, beach, roads and vehicles, princess and fairy tales, cartoon characters, animals or anything. Get your child participation by choosing the best theme he/ she likes to make as murals or other kids rooms ideas of painting.

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