Kid’s Bathroom Sets for Kid-friendly Bathroom Design

Kids bathroom sets are probably what you need right now especially if you are currently in a project in remodeling the kid’s bathroom. Well, even though the function of bathroom is always same from one and another, kids need more attention especially when it comes to bathroom stuff. You cannot let go a kid to do their stuff in the bathroom with no monitor. Besides the size, main things in regular bathroom for adults contain stuff that not pretty friendly with kids or they do not accommodate the needs of kids very well. Well, in this article we have design tips for kid’s bathroom. Check this out.

Blue Kids Bathroom Sets with Floating Vanity and Tidy Shelves on White Painted Wall

Taller vanity

Vanity is regular stuff in the bathroom even the kid’s bathroom sets provide the vanity at once. Actually you do not need to worry about the size of the vanity. Your kids will grow bigger and taller so their body will adjust the regular size of vanity as well. All you have to do is putting a bathroom stool that will allow your kid to brush their teeth and wash their hands on vanity with regular size. Moreover, the bathroom stool can be hid in the cabinet when it is not in use.

Proper countertop

Expensive materials such as marble and granite can be the good option for countertop in the bathroom. It gives elegant and sturdy impression. But it will not suit your kids. You definitely do not want to worry that much if kids accidently scratch or pour things on the countertop. So, if you want to have elegant and strong look but you do not want to sacrifice for this point, you better choose quartz as the countertop material.

Complete Bathroom with Mickey Mouse Kids Bathroom Sets near White Bathtub and Side Table

Standard toilet

Even though we said that the regular size of bathroom fixtures will not maximally accommodate the kid’s need, it does not mean that several adjustments will not help. Toilet is something that needs consideration as well. Installing the toilet with child size would not be effective option though. So, it is better for you to install the regular toilet with regular height. In case your kids will need help, you can put a step stool near the toilet as well as the soft-closing seat for toilet in order to make your kids feel safe and comfortable.
Sometimes toilet is the least thing to think about by the homeowner. But actually you can make it easier by installing kid’s bathroom sets.

White Sinks and Orange Acrylic Chair as Unique Kids Bathroom Sets on Colorful Tile Flooring

Use Colorful Shelves as Fancy Kids Bathroom Sets for Small Room with Black and White Bathtub

Place Interesting Kids Bathroom Sets inside Cozy Room with White Bathtub and Pedestal Sink

Install Dino Bathtub Curtain for Brilliant Kids Bathroom Sets with White Side Table and Towel Hangers

Green Kids Bathroom Sets in Small Space with White Bathtub and Flating Sink under Wide Wall Mirror

Decorate Fun Room using Fancy Kids Bathroom Sets with Low Sinks and Small Wall Mirrors

Combine Green and White Tile Wall for Wonderful Room using Appealing Kids Bathroom Sets

Colorful Polka Bathtub Curtain in Simple Kids Bathroom Sets for Small Space with Dark Vanity and White Sink

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