Inspirations For Kitchen Cabinet Colors

What is loved by most people about doing refinishing projects is that they are free to choose the colors they want to apply on that particular object. It works as well on kitchen cabinet refinishing plans. A lot of people have done it by themselves, purchasing cabinets’ carcass to be modified at home. Though it takes more time until it can be installed on the wall and used properly, refinishing cabinets cost you much cheaply.

Anyway, it turns out that those people find problems in choosing the right color schemes for their kitchen cabinet colors. It is kind of hard for them to get colors that would get along well with other elements in the kitchen, such as flooring. So, these inspirations are presented to help you find one.

Cozy Small Kitchen with Dining Equipped with Wooden Cabinet and Grey Painted Wall


Blue can be the warmest color for your kitchen. Yet, you are not going to get one blue, but two blues. In order to create a less boring look to your kitchen, you would need to consider applying deep blue and sky blue to your kitchen cabinets. For instance, you paint the lower cabinets with deep blue while the upper ones get sky blue. The gradation would be so beautiful along with wooden flooring.

Green and White

Next, with this color palette, you will make your neighbors green with envy because of the beautiful startling look. Use the kind of pale green and white for your kitchen cabinet colors. Similar to the previous coordination, you can apply the darker color, which is the green one, to the lower cabinets and white for the upper ones. Once it is done, you will find a fresh and relaxing atmosphere around your new kitchen.

Sleek White Kitchen Cabinet Combined with Grey Flooring and Green Backsplash

Red and Black

Well, red and black have been long matched to various platforms, and this time, you may need to consider putting them on your kitchen cabinets. Pick up the right shade of each color, which can suit well with your kitchen’s existing look. The red color is suggested to be applied on the kitchen’s point of interest, such as the island while black can be applied on the lower and upper cabinets surrounding the kitchen’s walls.

Orange-Red and Pale Yellow

Last but not least, sometimes you should try to deliver a bold statement through your kitchen cabinet colors, such as by giving them orange-red and pale yellow colors. The bright color palette, yet still tolerable, makes the kitchen looks so outstanding.

Accent Orange Kitchen Cabinet Color in Glossy Finishing Working with White and Black Touches

Appealing Yellow Kitchen Cabinet Color to Match with Stainless Steel Top and Grey Backsplash

Refreshing Green Kitchen Cabinet Color with Simple Tiled Backsplash Completed in Glossy Finishing

Small Kitchen with U Shaped Kitchen Cabinet Colored in Grey and Orange

Smart Combination of Maple Kitchen Cabinets with Green Tiled Backsplash

Remarkable Coloring Scheme for Kitchen Cabinet with Stripped Backsplash Painting

Stylish Floating Kitchen Cabinet with Yellow Color Matched with White Room Painting

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