Inspiration Ideas for Black and White Rug

Black and white is the classic colors that endless and not affected into trends, or seasonal trends. You can still use this classic colors whatever the season, or the trend. In addition, these natural colors are available to mix and match into other colors that come into your house, start from the furniture, wall paint, even to the pillow cushions. When black and white is come into black and white rug, then it is great way for you to take their best outlook.

Reflective Coffee Table Placed in Gorgeous Sitting Room with White Sofas on Black and White Rug

The white and black in your rug can create the focal point in your room as it lay down in the floor. It can be state that when you put the black and white rug, they will look contrast into your room, whether it will contrast to wall paint color, furniture or the floor. This can take you benefit for your color room, whether it will be contrast in bold color or contrast in light and smooth ways.

There are wide ranges of black and white rug patterns and motifs that you able to choose. When you choose the patterns, you need to remember that the correct motifs and patterns will affect to your room. For example, you can use zebra pattern in your bedroom when you have zebra theme in your room. This will perfect when you have painted wall in zebra or zebra wallpaper. Just remember when you choose the patterned black and white rug, match with the décor inside. Here are several examples of black and white rug motifs that you can choose for your room.

Blue Wingchair and Wooden Table near Tufted Sofa on Appealing Black and White Rug

The first idea is the monochrome patterns. There are many monochrome patterns that you can choose. Whether it will diagonally, striped or symmetry look patterns. The next idea is tribal black and white rug. This tribal is the way for create ethnic look in your room in flawless way. The herringbone pattern will look classy in your modern minimalist room.

Want to have simple black and white rug patterns? Then you can choose the dotted black in white rug or Dalmatian pattern rug. The chevron rug will perfect to match in your room especially when you have retro design theme in your home. If you want to have beauty pattern, you can choose the black rug that designed with white floral design. It is simple and enhances your bedroom. The geometric pattern is the other pattern that you can choose.

Black Shaded Ceiling Lamp Completing Simple Living Room with White Sofas and Black and White Rug

Complete Open Sitting Room using Black and White Rug under Blue Sectional Sofa and Round Coffee Table

Contemporary Sitting Room with Grey Wingchair and Tufted Sofa facing Grey Table on Black and White Rug

Install Ceiling Lamp above White Sofa inside Modern Living Room with White Cabinet and Black and White Rug

Place Red Round Table and White Sectional Sofa on Black and White Rug for Simple Room

Use Wide Black and White Rug for Traditional Living Room with Cream Sofas and Colorful Cushions

White Sofas and Chair facing Black Table on Interesting Black and White Rug for Family Room

Wooden Coffee Table and Grey Sofa on Black and White Rug for Contemporary Sitting Space

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