Improving White Bedroom Ideas by Mixing It with Other Colors for Gorgeous Look

Bedroom must be a place of comfort. When you come back home after a crazy busy day or an exhausting party with your friends, you just want to walk into your bedroom and feel relax. Having a perfect design to your bedroom can help you to feel a serenity during your relax time. White bedroom ideas can be the best inspiration for your private sanctuary. The good thing about decorating your bedroom in white is you still can have your personal style by adding your favorite colors or come colorful furniture. White will simply blend with them. Check these ideas for references.

Adorable Flowery Wall DEcor also Chandelier For Good White Bedroom Ideas

Decorating White Bedroom with Mixing Colors

Mother nature idea can be your choice in mixing your white bedroom with something in green. Green can sooth your eyes after being tired concentrating in front of your computer making reports and it complements the elements of the earth. Paste green wallpaper in only one side of your walls to avoid being overwhelming, it can be the wall behind your bed and leave the other walls painted white. Leaves pattern or bamboo pattern brings nature to your room and makes you feel as if you slept in an open space with fresh air fills up your lungs. A green carpet will look good too as it resembles grass. This idea is perfect for a nature lover. Are you?

For you who want to have an alike-princess room, combining white with purple will give a gorgeous design. The purple color adds boldness blending with white color and creates femininity without omitting the white’s simplicity. Put a purple blanket and a small pillow on your white bed. For more feminine look, decorate your white bedside table with a glass purple vase with a lavender in it.

If white and green and white and purple can mix well, so does white and turquoise. This marine color can create a sense of relaxation and promote calmness. The combination of these colors is just perfect as the white allows the turquoise to shine brightly through it. For the design, you can paint your walls in turquoise and let the window frames be painted in white. Choose the white bed sheet for a serene look. Add some turquoise ornaments, such as chandelier and wall decorations to simple elegance.

Astonishing White Wall and Floor also Dark Chandelier plus Lush Duvet

Mixing white with other colors maybe suits your style, but letting the white completely rules your room is not a mistake if it is your style too. This design creates a modern look, especially if you add minimal furniture in silver color. Sleek and clean look are two things you get by applying this design. Putting white lilies in glass vases on your bedside table adds natural power and freshness into you room.

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