Ideas to Make Table Base for Glass Top Dining Table

Glass top dining table is a great dining table type to create clean, shiny, smooth surface. The material is ideal to create any designs including casual, sleek, simple, elegant and also formal. Find some great ideas of base design for the glass tops and then add some creativity as well as careful preparation to create custom designed dining table. You even can use recycled materials to make the dining table.

Place Round Glass Top Dining Table and Cream Chairs inside Open Dining Area with Grey Carpet

Tree Base

Glass top table with tree base can become a great idea to bring natural atmosphere or accent into your dining room. It will be effective to make woodsy and attractive look in a modern dining room. Make the sturdy table base by cutting thick and solid trees evenly on the top. Then treat the bottom with wood conditioners, vanished and stains. You need at least four big tree stumps to create strong base for the glass top. You can see the natural wood from each angle through the glass top. It seems making an illusion that the tree is rooted under the floor.

Cinder Blocks Base

Use two cinder blocks to make base for the glass top dining table in more contemporary urban design. It will be a great idea for home in modern industrial theme. Make the blocks from heavy cement blocks that can be gotten from repair centers, salvage stores, demolition and construction sites. Save the glass top by installing sucking cups or rubber grips on the tops of the blocks to prevent slipping.

Grey Carpet Rug Placed under Modern Black Chairs and Stylish Glass Top Dining Table

Pillars Base

Pillar base will become an excellent option to create glass top table of a room with formal décor. For a dining table, you will need several pillars to become the base for the table. Purchase the pillars at the department stores, home improvement stores, and craft centers. You also can buy the pillars from a ceramic dealer in unfinished choice, then you can finish the pillars based on your need.

Personally Designed Base

Glass top dining table with its transparent surface will enable everyone to see the base of the table clearly. It gives you a chance to show what is really personal about the base design. You can apply something you love as the base of the glass top table, such as skateboard, drums, hand painting, or anything you love and possible to become the base of the dining table. You may mix other materials to get the design desired. So it will become more special dining table with very personal design look.

Decorate Glass Top Dining Table in Open Dining Room with Colorful Flowers near Black Leather Chairs

Place Glass Top Dining Table and Stylish Chairs on Grey Tile Flooring near Glass Wall

Stunning Chairs and Stylish Glass Top Dining Table on Dark Carpet Rug near Wide Glass Wall

Unique Wooden Chairs and Modern Glass Top Dining Table on Brown Carpet Rug in Open Dining Area

Complete Cozy Dining Room with Long Glass Top Dining Table and Black Chairs on White Flooring

Comfy Chairs and Round Glass Top Dining Table Placed in Gorgeous Dining Room with Grey Flooring

Add Wooden Cabinet and Console Table Completing Dining Room with Grey Chairs and Glass Top Dining Table

Use Long Glass Top Dining Table and Oak Chairs near Wooden Cabinets on White Flooring

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