Ideas to Decorate a Living Room with White Living Room Set

By | August 20, 2021

White living room set is one of the most favorite furnishings for many homeowners. The white color reflects cleanliness, tidiness, and also elegance inside the living room. That is why white always becomes a favorite color applied at home furnishings in every era. Get some ideas below if you need to furnish your living room with white set.

Stylish Living Room Using White Sofa also Oval Coffee Table

New England White

In the New England era, white living room became a nice trend to design a warm and inviting living room. To make this design, you can apply a white sofa and couple of white armchairs to be placed in a room with all white painted walls. To avoid too monotonous look, add some touches of other colors that are related to the era such as blue gray for the fireplace mantel, brown wood flooring, and tan stripes carpet that also perfectly matches the floor. Add more colors by displaying some potted plants and rustic furniture pieces.

Shabby Chic Decorating Style

It is perfect to apply white living room set inside a living room in shabby chic style. In a living room with white painted walls, you can apply one or two white square sofa facing the fireplace. Add a gray armchair and black coffee table to balance the white color. You can also add a rustic wood bookshelf and flowery pillows on the sofa to give textures inside the all-white room.

Contemporary Living Room Design

It is easy to make a white living room in contemporary design. Apply a white sofa with citrus toned pillows spread on it. To get the modern look, find a contemporary designed coffee table and chairs with unique curves. Apply a patterned area rug under the white living room set so that you can see the balanced colors. If you see less balancing inside the living room, you can add more color such as brown furnished table, citrus toned wall art, etc.

Trendy Sofa also Glass Coffee Table For Best White Living Room Set

Setting a living room with white furniture pieces is a great idea to bring clean and cozy look. But like other designing key, you should balance the colors so it doesn’t look monotonous. Add other earthy or pop colors to balance the white such as brown, tan, cream, cherry red, orange, yellow, mint, etc. You can choose any color to balance the neutral white color. But don’t add too many colors and patterns inside the all-white living room or you will see the room look cluttered.

Wonderful Sofa and Barcelona Chair For White Living Room Set

Wondrous Interior White Living Room Using Sofa also Arch Floor Lamp

Fabulous Sofa also Neat Carpet For White Living Room Design

Grand Living Room With Arm Chair also Mounted Wall Shelve

Interesting Interior White Living Space Using Book Shelve and Charming Sofa

Minimalist Interior White Living Room Set With White Sofa and Brown Table

Seductive Interior White Living Room Set With Sofa and Table also Lamp

Simple Concept Of White Living Room Set Using Rectangular Coffee Table

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