Ideas to Build Interesting Wood Shelving Units

There are loads of interesting ideas which you can use in order to make wood shelving units to be more stands out. Simple idea often can bring big impact to change the shelves so that it can match well with the entire decoration or certain type of requirement. Your choice is not only limited to use pure wood material. You even take benefit of other materials to be combined with wood. How you should build this shelving is actually based on the functional need or preference. However, wood shelving actually can be built easily with simple material like brick.

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Simple arrangement

The most common material used in wood shelving as fastener is none other than hefty and solid object that give the support for the shelves as chassis. There are many options of solid objects that you can use including bricks and cinder blocks. Building shelving from wood is pretty easy. One simple method that you can do is just placing two cinder blocks on top of floor as vertical support and put the plank above them. You add two more cinder blocks above the first plank and put another plank after the blocks. This will form a simple model of shelving. You can paint the plank with different colour if you like.

Simple fastened

Another model that you can try when building shelving is through including simple fastened technique. If you form shelving with this technique, you need to adhere the supporting material with glue into shelf base. You can take benefit of various materials to make unique shelving unit. For instance, you can combine planks with used bottles or planks with certain type of jars. Another model that you can try is by adding peg on the shelves. Make a hole on each corner of the plank by drilling it. Then, arrange the page over the surface of the plank. You can attach them either using screw or nail.

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Another technique you can use in order to build wood shelving units is by mounting it on the wall. When you use this technique, you will require either butt joints or glue for the installation. If you prefer to use butt joints, you had better to support the construction by placing molding beneath the shelf. However, if you prefer simple installation, you can use glue. All you have to do is adhering two planks with glue in order to form a half of box. Then, you can mount it into wall either with hooks.

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