Ideas of Making DIY Pendant Light Shades

By | December 21, 2021

Lighting plays important role in every space. It does only make the room brighter but also enhance the look of it. You can find innumerable options of lighting in the market since they are available in various kinds of designs and styles. However, the designs which you can find can be boring. Then, how about add your creative touches in the light. It will result on unique light shades which no one has. You even can save the budget by taking benefit of repurposed materials. You can use various kinds of old items surround you to make this light fixture. Here some of them.

Decorate Kitchen Space with Glass Pendant Light Shades above Unusual Island and Wooden Stools

You can create pendant light shades from branch. Adding this natural element in the house will exude unique ambiance that you will never get from other materials. Branch is very easy to decorate such as by simply hanging some lamps on it. It will turn completely lovely. Branch pendant is also suitable with Halloween theme. Hence, if you require creative pendant in Halloween night, you can try this option. You also can make the look more different by painting the branch with white colour. White branch will exude Scandinavian style in the space wherever you place it.

Who never think that bottle cannot be created into pendant? You are probably in wrong opinion if so. Soda can or been can or other bottle cans that you commonly throw into dustbin can be transformed into unique pendant. The way to make it is quite simple. All you have to do is placing the cans on the pop tabs. Arrange them diagonally for better look. You can paint them all in one colour such as gold or silver. Once you finish the work, you will see fascinating and shiny lamp shade when it is turn on in the dark. The glittery looks also will be great display in the room.

Colorful Pendant Light Shades for Modern Dining Room with Wide Table and White Chairs

You also can make unique pendant lamp shades from metal sheet. This material is often used to wrap up the radiator vent. This time, you can be transformed it into stylish light in metallic colour. If you cannot find any around you, you can get it from the closest hardware store. The key to create sophisticated look of the lamp is by concerning on the trim cut-out designs. After you have done with the design, you can put the lighting kit, screws, electrical wires, washers and light bulb.

Complete Vintage Dining Room with Round Glass Top Table and Cozy Chairs under White Pendant Light Shades

Glass Pendant Light Shades for Dining Space with Long Black Leather Benches and White Table

Gorgeous Family Room with White Sofa and Wide Coffee Table under Globe Pendant Light Shades

Place Black Pendant Light Shades above Long Wooden Table and Oak Chairs in Open Dining Room

Small Island and Long White Counter in Comfy Kitchen with Small Pendant Light Shades above Tile Flooring

Yellow Pendant Light Shades Completing Old Fashioned Bar with High Bar Counter and Round Stools

Choose Grey Pendant Light Shades for Ceiling Lamp in Traditional Room with Wooden Cabinet and Grey Wall

Add Bright Pendant Light Shades for Old Fashioned Kitchen with Oak Island and White Counter under White Ceiling

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