Ideas of Laundry Room Designs in a Small Space

Many people don’t plan much about laundry room designs like they design and organize other spaces inside their homes. Actually, it is important to manage your laundry room well so that it can have the same good looking and comfort. Especially if you only have a small space for the laundry zone; organizing the room well is an important need so that the function of the room will become your very first thing to focus on. In this way, you can make every area perfectly functional. Next, you can consider about the aesthetic points like the color so the laundry room will be comfortable enough when you spend some laundry time there.

Lavish Interior Laundry Room Designs Using Cabinet also Mounted Wall Shelves

Apply the Best Appliances

When you make your laundry room designs in a small space, it is perfect to choose washer and dryer appliances in stackable models. If the space is available, you can choose washer and dryer in front-loading type so that you can use the upside area as a little space to fold the clothing. Otherwise, you can save much more space by choosing an appliance with dual purpose as washer and dryer. It will become the most practical choice of appliance in such small laundry room.

Storage Space

In a small room, vertical spaces should be maximally used as storage space. It means that you can store and hang many items on the wall space of the laundry room. Have some hang hooks to provide practical but less expensive storage idea on the wall. You can hang laundry bags or other items on the hooks. Besides, another economical solution for laundry room storage is a small rolling cart. You can store kinds of items inside the cart. It is also a great idea to have some wall-mounted drying racks where you ca hang and dry kinds of small items on.

Ideas Interior Laundry Room With Cabinet also Washing Machine Decor

Lighting and Color Ideas

A small laundry should have bright lighting so you can work efficiently. Install as bright as possible bulbs; recessed lighting if possible, to maximize the lighting inside the laundry room. On the other hand, it is also important to choose the right color for a small laundry room. Avoid dark colors, but choose the combinations of bold colors such as blue and yellow, or green and cream. Make sure you choose color combinations that harmonize the color schemes. Therefore, you can have a small laundry room that is still functional and feels comfortable.

Luxurious Cabinet also Backsplash Plus Washing Machine For Laundry Room Designs

Magnificent Interior Laundry Room Designs With Washing Machine Under Mount Shelve

Marvelous Wooden Cabinet also Sink Faucet For Laundry Room Decor

Modern Laundry Room Designs Using Green Cabinet and Backsplash Design

Nervous Interior Laundry Room With White Backsplash also Blue Cabinet

Opulent Laundry Room Furniture With Desk also Wooden Chair Decor

Seductive Laundry Room Designs With Washing Machine also Simple Cabinet

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