Ideas for Shower Tile Designs

A bathroom will look more interesting with a focal point created in the shower area with its beautiful shower tile designs. If you only have a shower area that is not in too special design, then you can apply some design skill to make the bathroom looks like a designer work without spending high budget. Use earthy pattern for the bathroom floor and then apply tiles in single or multiple colors to create more special bathroom look.

Decorate Walk In Shower Space with Planted Wall Shelf and Cream Shower Tile Designs near Glass Panel

The Floor of the Shower Area

For the shower floor tiles, you have to choose smaller tiles so it will slope to the drain. 3 x 3 inch mosaic tiles will be a great choice for the shower tiles. Make sure you take tiles in rough texture to get good grip. To get the organic pattern, you can use stone pebble tiles with textures that also feel more comfortable and relaxing underfoot. Besides, you can also choose 2×2 inch mosaic tiles that are also available in various colors to fit your bathroom design.

Single Color and Size

To create regularity in the bathroom design, use tiles in one size for the shower walls. Besides, it will also hide the imperfection of the tile installation. Using single tile pattern will not make your bathroom looks monotonous since you can choose the right tile pattern such as brick style tiles, mosaic tiles with different color combinations and patterns, etc. Besides, you can also apply the tiles diagonally to create more interesting look.

Additional Accents

It will also a great idea to add accents into the shower tile designs such as pieces insertion or strip accents. Make an interesting line on the eye level shower wall by applying tiles band in different color or some strips of listello. Make patterns by using smaller tiles so it can become beautiful accents into your shower wall. On the other hand, you can also consider to insert tiles in metallic color so it makes harmony to the faucets and shower head. Otherwise, you may also like a bolder design by making tile pattern in checkboard design by using tiles in two or more colors.

Combine Stone Shower Tile Designs and Glossy Shower Faucet above Pebble Flooring for Small Shower Room

In choosing the tile type, you can opt glossy tiles that will look shiny after being cleaned. Choosing matte tiles will also be a great idea to get nice look but this type will hide some dirt. To create accent design, you can use grout colors of tiles. Use tiles in similar color to create clean flow into the shower tile designs. Whilst use tiles in grout color to create contrast look like making a decorative frame or other designs.

Appealing Shower Tile Designs in Wide Shower Room using Clear Glass Door and and Glossy Faucet

Choose Grey Marble Shower Tile Designs for Closed Glass Shower Area near Grey Floating Vanity

Complete Tiny Shower Space with Natural Stone Like Shower Tile Designs and Dark Shower Faucet

Cream Shower Tile Designs Used in Small Bathroom with Wooden Vanity and White Toilet

Interesting Stone Like Shower Tile Designs Completing Interesting Bathroom with White Bathtub and Glossy Faucet

Small Stone Shower Tile Designs Decorating Unusual Shower Space with Wide Shower Faucet and White Ceiling

Traditional Bathroom Completed with Wide Shower Space using Classic Themed Shower Tile Designs and Glass Door

Use White Shower Faucet on Brown Shower Tile Designs for Tiny Shower Area in Old Fashioned Bathroom

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