Ideas for Boy Nursery Themes

By | February 11, 2022

Welcoming the baby boy in the family surely becomes very breathtaking moment. The baby boy already brings the happiness to the family. However, there will be further effort which can be done for increasing the happiness including by decorating the baby boy room. Just because the baby boy does not understand many things yet, people do not need to decorate the baby boy room properly. It can be fun for applying some boy nursery themes. It will increase the mood of the parents and it will influence the happiness of the baby boy as well. Here are the ideas which can be considered.

Comely Furniture Color Accent with Streaky Motive plus Best Crate


It might be true that blue becomes the identical color for the boy. People think that it must be too common for using blue color as the theme of the baby boy room. Nevertheless, it must be attractive and different when people decide to apply nautical theme for the boy nursery. The splash of nautical theme can be found by installing patterned wallpaper with bright blue color. People just need to add the octopus artwork on the wall for getting the wild energy as well as sense of adventure. There is nothing wrong to add the giraffe plush with giant size although it is not nautical thing at all.


It is pretty common for people to think that the nursery room must be colorful. However, people can find a great result when applying monochromatic color in the nursery room. For example, they can use the bold stripes on the wall. Sophistication and playfulness can be blended uniquely. Blue and white can be used as the color scheme of the baby boy room. Better look can be found by using the crib skirt. The pattern for the curtain as well as the rug will be able to add the softness in the boy nursery room. Flower can be girl thing but people can try installing the flower chandelier in the baby boy room and they can find that flower will also look great for boy.

Funny Accessory Decor with White Color Accent and Glass Window

Warm Contemporary

White can be neutral color for the nursery which can be great choice for the baby boy room. However, people maybe will worry about the cold feel which can be found in the white room. To add the warmth in the space, people can use the food finish not only for the floor but also for the furniture and also accessories. Adding the flag banner and light fixture with geometric pattern can also be considered.

Adorable Wallpaper in Boy Nursery Themes with Cozy Sofa close Bright Glass Window

Alluring Dark Color in Boy Nursery Themes with Cozy Sofa and Wooden Element

Appealing Fueniture in Boy Nursery Themes with Chic Brown Sofa near Blue Table

Attractive Ambience from Yellow Color Accent in Boy Nursery Themes plus Blue Wall

Awesome White Color Accent in Boy Nursery Themes with Chalk Wall Paint Picture

Natural Wallpaper Accent with Nice Rig and Dust Furniture Decor

Pleasant Room with Streaky Motive and Blue Color Accent Picture

Unusual Green Wall Paint facing Wooden Furniture on Nice Floor

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