How to Setting Japanese Dining Table for Minimalist Modern Style

The japanese dining table is grant with space and time setting that makes the space available to change in multi purposes. The interior design of Japanese design always consider the concept of yin and yang that balance the life and simplicity that become the essence for the life aspect in Japanese traditional life.

Divine Open Dining Space Decor Using Minimalist Wooden Japanese Table

In recent day, there are many homes that consider use Japanese traditional furniture with western style. This style combines the minimalist design that most suitable with philosophy of simplicity in Japan. The low table is the most popular tables where furniture interior designer incorporate them. If you think that consider use Japanese low table is suitable for your home, then this ideas can be inspiration for you.

In the first design, it determines very low tables without chairs. It is recommended for setting this table into fluffy, and soft textured rug for adding comfort. You can add floor cushions to adding convenient. Next Japanese table dining set is integrated with low benches with nook. This nook table design will give you more space when the table is hidden and not in use. The next design is same design technique with pop up dining table that can disappear into floor when the table does not in use. The chair is ad with floor cushions and it can be hidden too when it not in use. The next inspiration is come from zen dining room remodel. The dining table is completed with Japanese tatami.

To maximize your minimalist modern home, you can determine this great idea where the dining room and living room is created without any separation. In the front a head, there is concrete stairs that use as focal point and display to televisions and statue. In the last stairs step, there is attached long low level dining table that also work as separation between the rooms. The other idea is combines with two back chairs with one bench to set with low level Japanese dining table.

Best Interior Dining Space Using Wooden Table and Black Chairs

How you can set dining table with Japanese style arrangement? First, Japanese dining table set the seat honor called with “Kamiza” are set furthest from the entrance. The guests that least important one will sits approach into entrance. In formal dining room setting, the men and women kneel into under table. In other side, when it arrangement for casual setting, men will sit with cross legged ways and women are sitting with their legs into side.

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