How to Replace Sofa Bed Mattress

Replacing a sofa bed mattress is an occasional work to do but sometimes becomes very important. When your sofa bed has been too old with the mattress that has been very thin, many cookie crumbs of your kids found under the mattress, and it has produced smelly odor. If the sofa base is still in good condition, you can make it like new again by replacing the mattress only. It will be a great idea before you have a guest arrived and going to let him sleep on the sofa bed. You only need to do some simple steps to replace the mattress with the new and clean one.

Cozy Brown Sofa Bed Mattress in Comfy Sitting Room with Oak Side Table on Laminate Teak Flooring

Measure the Size

Measure the size of the mattress before purchasing, so you can get a perfectly fit mattress to install. Open the old mattress of the sofa bed and then measure the thickness. If the mattress has been getting thin for the old age, you can purchase new mattress in thicker size. The thicker mattress will also be more comfortable.

Understand the Sofa Bed Mechanism

Every sofa bed may have different mechanism equipped inside. Commonly, most sofa beds are designed with Leggett and Platt frame style mechanism. The style mechanism sleeper portion is mostly made from metal and you don’t need much effort to replace the sofa bed mattress. However, make sure you don’t purchase new mattress that is too thick or it will be more difficult to install.

Consider to Upgrade the Quality

By replacing the mattress, you can upgrade the quality of your sofa bed because mattress is the most important part of the furniture. You need to shop around and choose one mattress in the best price. Consider to check consumer reviews of certain mattress that is going to purchase. It will help finding the best choice. Find a qualified retailer that provides all high quality products in special styles. It will enables you to have better sofa bed both in quality and design with the new sofa bed mattress.

Tidy Wooden Bookshelves and Comfy Sofa Bed Mattress on Simple Carpet and Laminate Teak Flooring

Install the New Mattress

When you have found the new mattress to replace the old one in your sofa bed, now it is the time to install. Take out the old mattress from your sofa bed. Undo the ties or snaps that attach the mattress and then remove the mattress. Vacuum the underneath pad of the sofa. When the pad had been perfectly clean, attach the new mattress on the sofa bed.

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