How to Re-Use Old Small Side Table for Maximize Space

There are many advantages when you determine small side table in your living room. Side tables are funny things that commonly come with expensive price tag than the larger pieces one. It is opinion that side tables are effective and useful when it uses for comforting the area such as living room. You can use the tables for additional drink table, or put then magazine and newspaper that you can reads in every morning. When it comes old, and you want to reuse as other stuffs, then these ways can inspire you.

Stunning Living Room Completed with Brown Chairs and Small Side Table on Black Carpet Rug

You can determine variant ways in corporate side tables in your around home. Here are examples on how you can determine the side tables in your limited space. The first ideas are use side tables and stacked it as shelving. With this, you consider using all same style side tables or making different ones and then stack the side tables such as totem poles. When you use this, it usually less pricey then you buy full bookcase and it also sturdier.

The second inspiration is pushed the side tables together. Scooted few side tables with same height and then put few pillow or cushions and make it as bench. The next idea is add power to your old side tables. You can mount the power bar into small side table bottom and then drill the drawer holes in the back and you will have additional power charging station without adding tech in your home.

Place Small Wooden Side Table and Black Leather Sofa inside Simple Sitting Room with Carpet Flooring

The third ideas, use as nightstand. This might not usually to use side tables as night stands, but this can perform well in this manner. In other ways, you also able to use side tables as small appliance stand. If your kitchen has sparse space, then you add small side tables in corner can be more required rather than toaster or coffee maker.

You can make ottoman from your small side tables by cut the legs. Cut the side tables leg down so you have the perfect height for the ottoman. If you want to use upholstered, then you can add pieces of foam into board then attach to the top. The other side tables reuse that you can determine is use your side tables as under desk storage. When your room office seems that there are less room, a side tables that tucked under your desk office will be great idea for stash your printer or scanner without taking more desk surface top.

Old Fashioned Dresser and Wardrobe Cabinet Placed inside Classic Bedroom with White Small Side Table

Fabulous Bed and White Dresser near Small Side Table on Grey Carpet in Modern Bedroom

Complete Wide Bedroom using White Bed and Small Side Table near Carpet Flooring under Oversized Lamp

Closed Shower Room inside Traditional Bathroom with White Vanities and Small Side Table near Window

Wooden Coffee Table inside Fascinating Living Room with Small Side Table and Fluffy Sofas

Add Small Side Table beside White Bathtub inside Stunning Bathroom with White Sinks and Long Shelves

Innovative Tufted Bed and Grey Bedding between Small White Side Table and Console Table

Small Side Table and White Sink Used in Stylish Bathroom with Clear Wall Mirror on Grey Wall

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