How to Pick the Best Living Room Lamps

Living room is the most essential room in a home. It should a place for a family members and their friends to gather and do many activities. Hence, the cozy design for a living room is such a must! Every element in a living room should work hand-in-hand to create a cozy ambiance, including the lighting. This is how you can pick the best living room lamps!

Clear Glass Panels beside Modern Sitting Room with Oak Coffee Table and White Shaded Living Room Lamps

1. Consider the use of the lamps

The first thing to consider when you choose living room lamps is to think about their use. Do the lamps work as a main source of lighting? Will the lamps be used to do certain tasks? Or, do you need the lamps for additional decoration?

– Main Source of Lighting
If the living room gets a lot of natural light during daytime, you may not need to have overhead light. But if it’s necessary, you should choose the lamps which are dimmable or too bright as it will be distracting, especially when you are watching television. For a suggestion, chandelier and central pendant can be your choice to be the lamps attached on the ceiling. Otherwise, you can use floor lamps or offset wall sconces instead.

– Task lighting
If you make your living room to be your reading room or study room, the use of specific task lighting like reading lamps must be important. The reading lamp itself doesn’t always have to be the desk lamp. Instead, you can pick the floor lamp and place it between two chairs in your living room. Aside from doing its job as a reading lamp, it can be nice additional lighting during conversation.

– Accent decorative lamps
You’re not committing a sin to combine more than one type of lamps in your living room. Adding accent decorative lamps are actually helpful to bring up cozy ambiance in the living room. It can be table lamp and/or floor lamp with unique design, also small pendants on the walls.

Vintage Wall Arts in Minimalist Family Room with Grey Sofa and Round Tables under Black Living Room Lamps

2. Match it with the design of the living room

After deciding what kind of lamps to light your living room, what’s matter is to match it with the theme of the room. You can follow these tips for that!

– Find the lamps which light suit the tone of your living room, so it enhances certain atmosphere you’re trying to enhance in your living room
– Pick the lamps which design makes a good harmony to the living room
– Make sure the lampshade is at your eye level when you seat

Black Living Room Lamps above Grey Leather Sectional Sofa and Wide Ottoman on Grey Carpet

Brown Laminate Coffee Table and Grey Sofas near Glossy Arc Living Room Floor Lamps

Clean White Sofa and Glass Top Tables near Classic Living Room Lamps on Oak Flooring

Complete Traditional Room with White Living Room Lamps and Wooden Bay Seat Window

Glossy Living Room Arc Lamps and White Sofa Completing Simple Room with White Carpet Rug

Place Arc Living Room Lamps in Open Floor Plan with Wide Glass Dining Table and White Chairs

White Sectional Sofa and Wide Black Ottoman near Fascinating Living Room Floor Lamps

Wide Glass Coffee Table and Glossy Living Room Lamps near Simple Sectional Sofa on Laminate Flooring

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