How to Make Small Room Design Looks More Attractive

It will be really fun to own super big bedroom where you can put anything you want and decorate it with all pretty things under the sun. However, not every house is blessed with big bedrooms. Most houses nowadays are petite so the bedroom space is not that big either. Dealing with small room design is more challenging because you have to maximize the function of every space carefully. Otherwise, the room will look very cramped. To make sure you can decorate your small bedroom well, here are some tips to help you.

Seductive Wooden Coffee Table Under Chandelier Plus Sofa also Fireplace

Play with Colorful Accents

You must have read various small room design ideas and all of them say the same thing. White is the safest color for small room. In a way, it is very true. Small room needs to be brightened up to give it some sense of space and white is the color that does that job really well. However, it doesn’t mean that you are stuck with white and you can’t explore other color palette. You can use white as the dominant color but you can also use other colors as accents. The colorful accents will make the room feels livelier and brighter which are very suitable for small room.

Incorporate Various Patterns

The thing with small room is we need something to focus on that will make us forget about the actual size of the room. Using colorful accents is one of them. The next trick is to incorporate various patterns in the design. So, don’t just stick with one boring pattern. Use at least three different patterns on the furniture, curtain, as well as the ornaments. Patterns will make the design comes to life and you will love staying in the room despite of its small size.

Luxurious Sofa also Coffee Table Plus Desk and Chair For Small Room Design

Be Clever with the Storage

The most important thing in designing a small room is to make sure you know how to deal with the storage well. Since the space is limited, you must use what is available carefully. Floating shelf is always the best idea to create additional storage space. However, you must pay attention to the design and color of the floating shelves as well. Since you don’t have a lot of room to put ornaments with all the storage, it is best to use the floating shelves as part of the decoration instead of just a place to store your things. Pay attention to the colors and shapes so the floating shelves can be beautiful decorative items.

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