How to Make Impressive Walk in Closet

Walk in closet is totally a smart ideas for those who have more clothes than storage. This kind of closet is closely associated with better organizations and rotation options as well. It makes perfect display for your wardrobe collection, and it makes a practical way to keep your clothes and shoes as well. The following tips can be tried to make your average-looking walk in closet into something impressive.

Add Shoes Shelves and Wide Dressers for Retro Walk In Closet with Interessting LED Lighting

Wall Work

To make the closet looks better, you are going to need a little modification. This can be done by painting your closet wall into different colors. Deciding on a theme and tones can be a good start. In alternative, you can also try using dramatic wallpaper. If it looks better, you’ll like it better.

Recommended Products

To provide ultimate function, you are going to need to use recommended product for the closet. Commonly you need quality so you don’t need to replace it for few years ahead. You also need functional and practical shelves for it. Custom made closet is a good alternative as well.

Rugs and Mirrors

The point of having this kind of closet is you have your private space to choose and try on clothes and shoes. To make it more comfortable, you can’t forget to add cozy rugs on it along with decent mirror that show your whole figure. Don’t forget to provide enough space for both items.

Old Fashioned Walk In Closet Design with Grey Shelves and Long Clothes Hangers

Good Lighting

This kind of closet is practically a small room that has no windows or anything similar. Beside you need air circulation solution, you also need good lighting. Instead of going plain, you can set some mood to improve the closet appeal. It should help you while selecting as well.

Add Décor

Your closet needs some personal touch. You need decoration items to add on it. It can be your personal stuff and it can be selected based on your style. Crown molding, for example, is a good example for a closet decoration. You can also add DIY works

Add Organizers

There are many choices of organizers available out there and you don’t need them all. Check out your collections and find out which organizer you are going to need the most. Don’t buy ones you don’t need. Organizers are supposed to help not to decorate.
Adding some DIY touch in your walk in closet should be good ideas to change its look. It improves it function, and you will definitely love it better. Give it a try.

Cozy Black Leather Sofa and Wooden Drawers Completing Masculine Walk In Closet with Floating Shelves

Glass Doors for High Wardrobe Cabinets inside Wonderful Walk In Closet with Wooden Shelves

Keep your Wardrobe Clean and Tidy inside Modern Walk In Closet with Shoes Shelves and White Bench

Complete Wide Walk In Closet with Wooden Shelves and shoes Pulled Drawers under White Ceiling

Tidy Wooden Dressers and Dark Boxes inside Wide Walk In Closet with Grey Carpet

Colorful Clothes inside White Shelves and Drawers inside Spacious Walk In Closet with Tufted Bench

Bright Lighting for Elegant Walk In Closet with White Dresser and Tidy Shoess Shelves on Hardwood Flooring

Awesome Walk In Closet with White Drawers and Shoes Shelves ner Glossy Clothes Hangers

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