How to Make Girls Canopy Bed in Princess Theme

Girls canopy bed in princess theme must be a dream of a feminine little girl who love all about princess things. Such canopy bed is available in many options on the market. But you can save much money by making the canopy by yourself. By preparing the less expensive materials and learn the simple process of making, you can make a little surprise of princess canopy bed for your little princess.

Gorgeous Pink Girls Canopy Bed Decorating Spacious Bedroom with Wicker Nightstand on Hardwood Flooring

Items You Will Require

  • Tulle in princess color about 10 yards
  • ½ inch wide satin ribbon with match color to the tulle
  • Chandelier hook
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Hula hoop in the match color
  • Glue gun
  • Needle and some thread in match color with the tulle
  • You may need a helper too

Steps to Make the Canopy Bed

1. Decide how the girls canopy bed will be hung over your daughter’s bed. Position the opening in any side to ease your child accessing it. Place the canopy in the center spot over the bed.

2. Use a measuring tape to determine the bed’s center point and then transfer to the ceiling over the bed. Use a pencil to make a mark of center point on ceiling.

3. Install the chandelier hook on the ceiling by screwing by hand. You don’t need anything more than ceiling plaster for the screw supporting because the tulle is very lightweight.

Flowery Pink Bedding and White Curtain Completing Classic Metal Girls Canopy Bed on Laminate Oak Flooring

4. On a flat work surface, spread the tulle and then fold it into a half width and then fold the tulle again in half width. Measure about one foot from the end of the tulle and then tie that point with a 6 inch ribbon well.

5. Hang your tulle from the hook on the ceiling by draping it on its short side of ribbon about the hook by the knot overhand. Tie the other knot to house the tulle on the hook. Ensure that the tulle is hanging down extendedly to the bed.

6. After the tulle is hanging over the bed, spread it set to the bed. Insert the hula hoop trough the tulle center and then push as far as possible to the ceiling under the ribbon.

7. Request a helper to grip the hula hoop in the spot and then glue it t the spot underneath the canopy hook.

Now the girls canopy bed in princess theme is ready to become a little sweet surprise for the little princess.

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