How to Make Dining Table Décor for Round Table Shape

A round dining table is a favorite of many homeowners because of its perfect shape to make easy communication as well as passing the food. If you need to have a round dining table for four people, then the right size for them sitting comfortably is about 48 inch. Meanwhile, you have to choose 60 inch table if you want to have more spaces for decorations and dishes. It is also important to consider the space between walls and table at least 42 inches so that you can feel more comfortable about the space and it is easier to walk behind the chairs.

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It means that you have to make sure the plan and space you have in the dining room because round table will need larger footprint. So you can make the room more functional with lovely décor. Then find some tips about round dining table décor ideas below.

Items You will Require

For the dining table decoration of round table type, you will need some items such as charger plates and place mats in round shape, square plates and bowls, glassware, silverware, napkin rings in round shape, cloth napkins, candles, and oblong vase.

Steps to Decorate Your Round Dining Table

Put the round place mats onto the round table; place one mat at every chair. The round mats will fit the round table’s edge nicely, so you will have more space in the table’s center.

Above the place mats, you can put the round shaped charger plates. The small platters charger plates are slightly bigger than the plates for dinner. The charger plates are available in kinds of materials, styles, colors and also textures. The round shape of the plates will also enhance table’s round shape as well as fit the table’s edge tightly. So you will have more space in the center for the dining table décor.

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Next, arrange the plates and bowls in the square shape onto the table. Then position the glassware and silverware too to create more interesting look. The different shapes of the charger plates and the place mats against the square plates will create a contrast but decorative look.

Place the napkin rings in round shape and also the napkins. The round shape of the napkin rings will become a complement element on the dining table that has had other round elements.

Position the oblong vase at the center of the dining table. It will create longer and wider appearance on the table. Then place some candles in different shapes and heights to create more accents to the round table.

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