How to Lay Out a Small Living Room

If you live in a house with a small living room, your main challenge is on how to make it looks bigger and comfortable for everyone while it remains stylish. Well, it is not a tough job anymore, if you are willing to adopt some of the following tips. They are derived from professional interior designer. Check this out.

Fascinating Furniture Decor with Wooden Storage in Small Living Room close Dust Wall

Mirror and Wallpaper

You can place a love seat in front of wallpaper-treated wall and frame the seat with twin night stand. Instead of coffee table, you should use multi purposes ottoman that can be additional seat or table.

Use Hidden Storage

Maximizing the space can be done with special pieces of furniture. You can choose a love seat, an ottoman, or a chair that has hidden storage below.

Go Up

Don’t be confused. Hang more and more frames and paintings and use those spaces on higher walls. It gives the room seem-taller look which is beneficial for a small space.

Fill Up One Corner

If your living room has several corners, you can fill up one of them with one, big size furniture like a modern, and simple sofa. It makes the room looks uncluttered.

Choose Downsized Sofa

If you want to use a sofa, choose a smaller one, or love seat, and make sure it has clean lines. Exposed feet are best look as well to choose.

Add Backless Sofa

It has many functions. It adds seating capacity by two lines in different face. It makes an excellent divider. Third it bridges gaps between sections. Plus it looks expensive.

Fabolous Furniture Decor with Chalk Wall Paint and Wooden Element


You need plants on the right size to make as if the room still has more. It is perfect to be places on the side or behind chairs or sofa, and on the corners.

Add Multifunctional Piece of Furniture

Choose a puffy bench that can be used as table as well, or ottoman with hidden storage, and stylish little bench that can be night stand table.

Make Built-in Storage

If you make a built-in storage, it gives you spaces to store things and to add décor. If you let it goes up, the room looks taller and bigger than it is.

Skip Sofa Option

If you have to, skip the sofa in the layout. Instead, you should prefer on arm chair, three to four of them, circling a coffee table.

Now, your small space isn’t a nightmare anymore. All you need is a little out-of-the-box combination and smart strategy in making the lay out. Those tips will make your small living room an intimate space for your little family.

Comely Purple Color Accent in Small Living Room with Preety White Coffee Table

Fascnating Color Accent in Funny Furniture and Cute Accessory Decor

Funny Accessory Decor in Small Living Room with Big Sofa near Glass Window

Impressive Marble Coffee Table with Circle Design close Dust Sofa

Lovely White Color Accent in Large Wall plus Chic Furniture

Small Living Room with Wooden Table on Best Rugs and Chic Accessory Decor

Comely Furniture with Cozy Brown Sofa on Sleeky Large Paarquet

Awesome Chandilier Decor with Metal Element for Best Furniture in Small Living Room

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