How to Hang Wall Art in Bedroom

Bedroom is a place where you start the day and end it. Bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary where you can relax after all day’s activities. Bedroom wall art should be chosen carefully since it represents your style and also will affect your rest quality. Not only when you chose it, you also have to consider where you are going to put or hang the wall art. Thus your bedroom will appeal to the eyes. Here are some tips to you regarding bedroom wall art.

Alluring Bedroom Wall Art between Twins Dark Lamp plus Chic Yellow Color Accent

Choose art works

Choose the art works that will create a statement of who you are. Wall art is not always in the form of paintings or posters. More wall arts you can choose are wall sticker, wall sculpture, handmade tapestry, wall mirror and etc. Take some time to examine the item and consider whether it can help you to feel more calm and relax or just the opposite, making you more agitated.

Wall art as focal point

You can set wall art as the focal point of the room. Choose wall art that will stand out among the various colors and texture from other furniture. Wall art that has colorful palette or big size can be your choice as focal point. Be bold when you are choosing wall art.

Vertical arrangement

When you have small bedroom, for example bedroom in dormitory, arrange the wall art vertically can help you create a personality for the room. Make sure you have the arts in same size or even better if those arts have linked stories behind them.

Hang two identical pieces

Hanging two identical pieces is the bold move but it can boost more power to the room. Before you do that, you have to be remember that colors of those pieces must be matched with the other colors of furniture in the room. The pieces also must not be too large or they can overpower the room and disturb the balance.

Impressive Sea Motive Accessory on Big Partition plus Brown Color

Be creative

When you choose the bedroom wall art, it doesn’t have to be in the same shape. You can be creative by mixing different shape of arts in your bedroom, for example art pieces in oval frame combine with pieces in rectangular frame. Different arts also make the room look more sophisticated and yet fun to look at.

Mix the size

Combining different size of arts also give an eye-catching look for your bedroom. There are no standard rules what you have to choose and how to put the wall art since everyone has different taste and mood. Knowing your taste and mood will help you much more when you choose bedroom wall art.

Amazing Furniture Decor with Bedroom Wall Art facing Hanging Lamp plus Glass Window

Awesome Design Picture for Bedroom Wall Art near Glass Window plus Preety Flower

Beautifull Sky Accent for Bedroom Wall Art close Chalk Wall plus Nice Carpet

Lovely Flower Motive for Wallpaper close Large White Wall Paint

Preety Flower Accent on Blue Wall Paint facing Cozy Masterbed

Simple Furniture Decor Ideas with Leaf Accent and Big Pillow

Romantic Ambience from Nice Golden Lamplight and Brown Color Accent

Streaky Motive with Iron Element for Bedroom Wall Art under Bright Square Downlight

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