How to Get the Proper DIY Simple Bathroom Tile Paint Project as the Part of the Bathroom Makeover Project

Having a simple way on getting the fresh look of the bathroom is completely possible. Many of you are interested in having such the fresh condition of the home, including for the area of the bathroom. Having such a simple makeover is a good idea for dealing with that purpose. We can have it a try by dealing with the idea on getting the different yet fresh look of the bathroom. One of the ideas is by having such the perfect condition of the different colour of the bathroom.

Chic Floor Tile also Wooden Cabinet Plus Bathtub Near Window

If you think about replacing the tiles into the different colours or even patterns, it is not the only way since the bathroom tile paint can be such the simpler solution. Sure, you can easily paint the tiles of your bathroom for getting such the fresh yet new look of the bathroom. That would not be really difficult since it is as simple as painting the wall. Surely, it can be the next DIY project which can be done to spend our free weekend. The info below might be really helpful for dealing with this project to get the fresh bathroom look.

Proper Preparation

If we are interested in having such the project of bathroom tile paint as the idea to makeover your bathroom, you need to deal with the proper preparation first. Actually, you can paint any tile areas of your bathroom, as like the shower area, floor, and even the countertop of the vanity. Then, what are the preparations which we need to do?

The first thing is to clean up the tiles properly from scum of the soap, mildew, or any other kinds of dirt. You can use the abrasive cleaning for bathroom area. If you have finished it, you can wipe it properly and let it dry. After that, sanding the tiles will be really great but choose the fine one. The last is to never forget to remove all the dust as the result of the sanding properly.

Ravishing V Shape Floor Bathroom Tile Paint also Soaking Tub and Sink

The Right Paint

Before you paint the bathroom tiles, of course you need to have the proper product of the paint. You might be able to find the paint which is specifically used for tiles. However, you can also find two options of the paint types which can be used for tiles. They are the epoxy paint and latex paint. Surely for both of them, you need to apply the primer one in about two layers and then apply the top coat paints. You can be creative to get the unique result of the bathroom tile paint.

Cute Bathroom Tile Paint also Toilet and Simple Cabinet For Small Room

Elegant Showering Area Using Small Wall Tile also Bathtub and Glass Door

Fantastic Floor and Wall Tile also Vanity Plus Mirror Beside tOilet

Fascinating Wooden Flooring also Bathtub Plus Marvelous Cabinet

Magnetic Marble Floor Tile also Wooden Cabinet Plus Two Washing Machine

Taking Bathroom Tile Paint also Modern Cabinet Plus Wooden Mounted Shelve

Tantalizing Granite Bathroom Tile Paint also Hanging Cabinet Plus Mirror

Wonderful Showering Area also Cabinet Plus Lush Bathroom Tile Paint

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