How to Finish the Interior of Cargo Container Homes

Shipping containers are often repurposed to become homes and storage buildings. The containers range from in 20 – 40 feet of length and in 8 feet of width and 8 feet of height; such an enough room to make a living area in compact size. Make the interior finishing to be simple and functional to become a nice workshop or storage area. It also can become a solution for the expensive costs of housing. You can make it by framing the interior out, installing the floor and also hanging the drywall. Don’t forget to add insulation to decrease condensation and also lessen the temperature changes. Make a plan of cargo container homes in details and then make it as an attractive building.

Natural Green Grass Yard Completing Sensational Cargo Container Homes with Wooden Wall and Clear Glass Windows

Plan the Work

Plan the design before you start making the finishing the container interior. Decide the spots for electrical outlets, interior partitions and plumbing fixtures. Draw the plan in details including the locations and also measurements. Then install the exterior doors and windows. Give insulation in the container’s interior and exterior to avoid condensation that can cause mold and rust. Also use the insulation foam to fill the doors and windows gaps.

Use ½ inch thick plywood as the additional floor above the original flooring. Cover the electrical wiring with metal hat channels along the walls and vertical beams that support the containers.

The Interior Finishing

Attach the steel studs to the container walls by using the welding tool. Make the interior partition’s frame with studs. Use magnesium oxide drywall to cover the studs. Cover every joint with joint compound and drywall tape and then smoothen with an orbital sander or sandpaper. Make holes on the drywall as the place for electrical fixtures. Install the lighting fixtures bases as well as the electrical outlets. Then install the cabinetry and countertops too, plus the lamination if you have a DIY project for it.

Brilliant Cargo Container Homes Design with Comfy Patio and Glass Windows facing Green Grass Yard

Finish the Container Walls

Cover the walls with wallpapers or paint the walls. Install the flooring coverage and cut the areas for plumbing fixtures like kitchen sinks, bathroom, as well as the drains. Cover area of doors, windows, counters, floors and also cabinets that meet the walls by using trim molding. Color the molding. Then set up the plumbing fixtures as well as the finishing hardware like door knobs, door hinges, towel bars and cabinet latches. Now the cargo container homes are ready to fill with furnishings and to be live in.

Attractive Orange Wall and White Framed Glass Sliding Door in Unique Cargo Container Homes

Clear Glass Sliding Doors Completing Stunning Cargo Container Homes with Small Balcony and Flat Roof

Comfy Balcony for Cargo Container Homes with Orange Wall and Flat Roof facing Green Grass Area

Complete Cargo Container Homes with White Framed Windows and Wooden Blind under Flat Roof

Decorate Comfy Patio of Cargo Container Homes with White Curtains and Canopy Pergola near Glass Sliding Door

Glossy Grey Wall and White Framed Glass Sliding Door Used in Simple Cargo Container Homes

Install Wide Glass Wall and Small Balcony for Modern Cargo Container Homes with Glass Handrail

Place Metal Chairs and Table on Small Deck of Cargo Container Homes with Wooden Stairs and Blue Wall

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