How to Decorate a Formal Dining Room

Having a formal dining room isn’t something essential for several people. But for some others it does important. Formal dining room can be used as a place to hold a family gathering, business meeting in home, or some formal party. However, decorating a proper, comfortable, and elegant looking dining room is not easy at all. There are several aspects you should notice beforehand:

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The first ever aspect to consider is your dining room’s theme. You have to decide what kind of room you would want to have, either elegant Victorian type of room, more natural atmospheric, or perhaps modern looking type? Choosing the theme will lead you the next important step.

Color Pallet

After you decided on the theme, the color pallet must be choose as well. For example, if you choose to have Victorian type, the pallet color will be involve white, gold, yellow, silver, and black. If you choose the natural type, you might include green, wooden texture, brown and perhaps also yellow. Deciding the color pallet will help you a lot to choose your furniture’s color.


All furniture you choose must involve around the room’s color pallet. If not, it will ruined the look and mood of the dining room. The type of essential furniture you can add into your room is also according to your room’s theme. However, most of dining room have a long table accompanied by several seats. You can choose to have sofa or wooden chair for the seats, you can add some bookshelf, several paintings, and etc. Remember that the ceiling and floor also need to get decorate. For large room, especially Victorian theme of dining room, they need chandelier made of crystal. While for a classic type of room might get a simpler lamp instead. You can add a large carpet in the middle of the room for additional decoration in your room.

Marvelous Furniture for Formal Dining Room Using Rectangular Table and Chairs

Wall Decoration

You can choose whether you’d like to have wallpaper paste onto your dining room as additional decoration or not. Simple looking wallpaper could fit into formal atmosphere of the dining room. So, make sure not to apply a wallpaper with too many pattern on it. As additional, a dining room which has at least two large windows is more recommended. Because by having windows, the room could get more sunlight and fresh air to make your formal gathering become more enjoyable. You can also display several paintings or family picture to show off to your guests, but try to avoid having too many picture getting hang on the wall, because it’ll make your dining room being too “crowded”.

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