How to Choose Wall Paint Colors for Home Design

When you want to decorate your home, the first thing you have to consider is wall paint colors. There are so many wall paint colors that can be used for decorating your home, but you have to choose the right color that fit with your home design. Read the information below to know more about it.

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Things Should be Considered

Before choosing wall paint colors for your home, you are better to know the design of your home. Every interior design style requires different color. There are designs that require simple colors such as white or cream, but there are also styles that require complex colors—the combination of various colors. But if you don’t want to choose wall paint colors by considering the style of your home, you can choose it by considering your interest. Use the color that fit with your mood and interest, because it will make you really happy and comfortable.

Recommended Wall Paint Colors

Talking about wall paint colors, you can use one or more colors, and it depends on your need. But if you still confuse to choose it, here are some recommendations for you.

· White

White is a neutral color and so good to apply in small room. White can bring out large effect because can add natural light in the room. But, it can be combined with other colors to get perfect combination. Don’t use too much white color because it will make the room looks rigid and cold.

· Grey

Grey is usually used for minimalist home. The use of grey color can make a room looks larger. But, don’t use grey color in every part of your home, because it can make your home looks so rigid and frighten.

· Black

It is a solution for you who want to have walls that look so strong. But, you are better to combine this color with other color. If you use it too much, it will make your home looks so dark. Black color is not recommended for small house because can give narrow effect.

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· Green and Blue

It is for you who like nature so much. You can use green or blue color to make the room looks so cool and fresh.

· Purple

Purple is a color that can bring comfortable or cozy effect. So, you can use this color to make your room looks interesting.

Those are the information for you. Hopefully you can choose right wall paint colors for your home after reading the information above.

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