How to Choose the Right Long Sofa Table

Long sofa table isn’t something unfamiliar for everyone but most people don’t notice it right away, especially when its placement is a little unusual. In fact, many people now use the same item for an independent table. If you like to have one or two of this, you may need to choose carefully. Here are several ways of getting the right choice for it.

Cute Living Area Using Yellow Sofa also Glass Coffee Table

If It is Behind the Sofa

Yes, this is the first idea you should come up with when you think about the furniture piece. In this placement, you will need a long table as well, and it needs to be almost as high as the back of the sofa. It commonly makes a perfect divider of rooms. In this placement as well, you can put any decorations item facing other end of the room.

If It is in a Set

If you mean the table to complete a set of furniture to make a room, it needs to have the proper size. First, it shouldn’t be higher than your knee when you sit down. Second, even though it will be long enough, it needs to have proper width so you still have room to move. Third, make sure that you get one in consistent style with the sofa.

If It is to Stand Independently

Yes, this is no longer an extraordinary thing. Many long sofa table is standing independently now. It commonly stands against the wall with decorative items on it. If you like to place it on your entrance hall, you need to choose half of your height tall, and you can choose simpler design. However, if it is to stand in your living room or kitchen, it can be more complex in design so you can store more things. Color and style should be adjusted with the room theme.

Fantastic Style of Long Sofa Table also Plant on Vase

If It is to Play Double Function

Do you know that it can be a breakfast table too? If you place it against a long sofa back, and your kitchen is on the other end of the room, it can be a breakfast table as well. Pair with few breakfast benches and voila! You have two dining area, main dining room and breakfast area/living room.

As you can see above, this particular table makes a perfect option for multiple functions furniture. Depending on the way you place it or the size of the sofa, you can make a perfect combination in the room as well with a long sofa table.

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