How to Choose the Right Bedside Table lamps

By | December 25, 2020

Bedroom is such our sanctuary. Everything about it must be perfect to make us feel comfortable, including the lighting. Yep, choosing the lighting for our bedroom should not be a matter of taste only, but also the practical use of the lighting. It should make you feel comfortable, and rest well when you do activities in your bedroom.

Add Beige Bedside Table Lamps on Classic Side Tables for Elegant Bedroom with White Tufted Headboard

Bedside lamps are among the popular lighting choices for a bedroom. But, still you can’t just choose bedside lamps based on the design only! Check out these tips below to choose the right bedside table lamps!

Decide the tasks

Before you buy bedside lamps, make sure you know what the lamps will work for. At least there are two function bedside table lamps can do:

1. Reading lamp

There are people who love reading books or writing journals on their bed before they go to sleep. There for, the function of the bedside lamps are for enhancing the lighting. Make sure that when you sit up in the bed, the bottom of the bedside lamp shade reaches your eye level and the light shines on your lap instead of your eyes.

2. Decoration

Not everyone likes reading book on the bed so, the use bedside lamps can be for decoration only. In this realm, if the illumination of the lamp is decorative, you should only make sure that the height of the accent lamp is in the harmonious scale with your bedside table and bed.

Decorate Bright Bedside Table Lamps on Dark Nightstands beside Black Bed and White Bedding

Another tips on choosing the ideal size

Deciding the lamps you need is checked. Now, we need to get the ideal size of bedside table lamps for your bedroom following these tips below!

1. The first most important tip: the switch height is the key! The switch of the bedside lamp should be around the range of 21 inches to 30 inches high, or about the equal of your arms’ length. This is to ensure you to reach the switch easily to turn it on and off.

2. Pick the lamps which are proportional to the bedside table. Don’t get the bigger lamps for a considerably tiny tables. It’s better to get the larger bedside table though.

3. If your bedside tables are lower than your bed, then you can pick the lamps with a taller design. However, if the bedside tables are higher than the bed, pick the shorter lamps instead. Once again, choosing the bedside table lamps are all about proportionality and practicality.

Cream Shaded Bedside Table Lamps inside Contemporary Bedroom with Wooden Platform Bed and White Bedding

Enjoy City Night View from Stylish Bedroom with Wide Platform Bed and Small Bedside Table Lamps

Old Fashioned Wooden Bed and Fluffy Duvet beside Small Bedside Table Lamps on Oak Side Tables

Round Platform Bed and Wide Headboard Located between Round Side Tables and Modern Bedside Table Lamps

Small Bedside Table Lamps on Black Nightstand Completing Contemporary Bedroom with Black Dressers

Use Bright Bedside Table Lamps on Oak Nightstands inside Wide Bedroom with White Bedding

White Shaded Bedside Table Lamps on Clean Nightstand Placed inside Wide Bedroom with White Bed

Wonderful Wall Art Completing Cozy Bedroom with Tiny Bedside Table Lamps and Dark Nightstand

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