House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

By | October 1, 2022

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment – On the rise for several years, in-law suites have redefined the idea of ​​living together for the modern family. These ‘homes within a home’ are stylish accommodation for in-laws, returning children or overnight/weekend guests. And they come in all shapes and sizes – from a studio apartment in a garage to a master bedroom on the first floor, a renovated basement or a tiny cottage on the grounds of the main home.

This spacious 1 bedroom garage apartment is an attractive option as a guest house or suite for a grown child or in-laws. It has a fully equipped bathroom, kitchen and living room. (view this plan # 196-1049)

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

Before the boom years after the war, it was not uncommon for at least two generations to live in the same house. During the prosperous times of the late 1940s and 1950s, children left the family home to pursue employment opportunities. In the following decades, everyone lived in their own home; and entertained family members during the short overnight visit or the odd holiday.

Cabot Grove # 17118

Today, some families are going back to the pre-war years and renovating/redesigning their homes to welcome grown children again or to accommodate their aging parents or in-laws. Uncertain finances and a willingness to help with long-term care issues are reasons for this change in family household arrangements.

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

In recent years, there has been a revolution in the construction of houses with in-law suites. These homes can include a garage apartment, master suite conversion, and a finished basement with a private entrance. In other cases, a tiny cottage – with bedroom, kitchenette/breakfast nook, bathroom and living room – that fits perfectly in the garden of the main residence – is a very attractive choice.

Single story, three bedroom home with plenty of room for expansion. A bonus room or basement can be redesigned to accommodate returning children, aging parents or in-laws. (view plan # 109-1086)

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

S Floor Plans — Providential Custom Homes

A master suite – with its own bathroom and sitting area – on the main floor of this two-story home can be converted to an in-law suite. Conveniently located near the kitchen, dining room, living room, it is the only bedroom on the first floor, ensuring privacy for the residents. (view plan with in-law suite # 106-1185)

With all these options, families are painting a modern family picture of ‘together but apart’. Parents, children and in some cases grandparents live in the same complex, with the desired privacy for everyone to live their lives independently and at the same time, maintain a close relationship – and a “shouting distance” from relatives.

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

If you are seriously considering asking your mother-in-law or elderly parents to move into your home, the first step is to assess your available space and the best options for them. Can you expand to offer an extra suite on the first floor – maybe renovate or redesign another bedroom on the main floor?

Ranch House Plans

For the elderly, a room on the first floor or a finished basement is the best option. A garage studio works better for returning children. Whatever accommodation you decide on, make the room spacious, relaxing and most importantly, accessible to the kitchen, dining room and living room.

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

Two-story, four-bedroom Craftsman home plan has plenty of unfinished space that can be used for an in-law suite. In the basement – with its own entrance – is a nice bedroom suite, complete with full bath and linen closet. A family room and another bedroom are also in the basement. (view plan # 158-1193)

The ultimate goal of the in-law suite is for families to help each other—whether with long-term caregiving or a temporary financial setback—and live together under one roof while maintaining privacy and space. With that in mind, here are some features to consider when incorporating this in-law suite into your home plan.

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

New American House Plan With Separate Garage Apartment

The one-story, three-bedroom farmhouse floor plan features a custom in-law suite – with its own bathroom and living room. (Plan # 126-1089)

A comfortable first floor master suite makes it easy for elderly parents or in-laws to move around the house. The proximity of the suite to the “social” spaces – kitchen, living room, dining room – must be an important part of the design plan.

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

Nothing guarantees privacy more than having a suite with its own bathroom/shower and sitting area. Most designers and homeowners prefer a shower over a bathtub – if the bathroom is for the elderly. Bath safety rails can be installed to facilitate navigation around the bathroom and minimize the risk of slipping or falling.

House Plan Portofino

A master bathroom with a tub and shower can be made more age-friendly by installing safety grab bars on the walls, sides of the shower, and inside the shower itself. (view floor plan # 126-1289) You can search for more house plans for mother-in-law suites here.

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

A basement apartment or first floor bedroom with private entrance gives residents the freedom to follow their own schedule and do things on their own.

In some cases, in-laws may want to prepare their own food and eat in the privacy of their ‘apartment’. A kitchenette with microwave and breakfast nook can be a welcome addition to an in-law suite.

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

Guest House Plans

It doesn’t matter if your house is a two-story craftsman, a single-family home, a ranch or a country house. With careful planning, you can create a cozy “home within a home” for aging parents, in-laws or grown children.

If you’re ready to move on, remember that you may be living under the same roof, but privacy and space are crucial to making this work!

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

Footnote: The homes in the main blog marker are clockwise from left: Plan # 202-1001, Plan # 1061315, and Plan # 125-1025. Maintaining your personal space while having a live-in guest can be incredibly challenging. You can enjoy your home while giving your loved ones the privacy and security they need with one of these home plans. Whether you’re looking for a full separate apartment, or just a room for them to call their own, we have the perfect house plan and in-law suite to fit your needs!

House Plans With Attached Granny Flats

House Plan 1443 is a beautiful open plan home with so much to offer! The master suite creates a peaceful and elegant retreat. Access to multiple decks and covered porches from the home’s main living area allows for easy entertaining. The large kitchen invites you and your family to enjoy meals together around the island or in the formal dining space. And you’ll never lack for space or storage with an amazing laundry room!

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

Your live-in guests will fall in love with the in-law suite in your new home. They will enjoy their own separate living room and master suite, which includes a full and relaxing bathroom. A fully equipped kitchen will make your loved ones feel a sense of independence while staying close by. The lovely private terrace provides its own entrance and the covered terrace invites them to enjoy a cup of coffee and the view every day.

House plan 9786 is a beautiful townhouse with over 2,300 square meters of spacious living room. The semi-open concept living space keeps it easy to entertain while giving everything its proper place. The kitchen offers plenty of seating between a large island and the counter where you place your table. The main level master, just off the kitchen, has direct access to a generously sized screened porch and deck. Through the en-suite bathroom you will find a perfectly sized walk-in closet with large windows that make getting dressed in the morning feel like a fashion show! And in the two-car garage, you’ll enjoy tinkering and taking care of your home with the shop area with plenty of counter and storage space.

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

House Plan 97695

This four bedroom home offers many options for an in-law suite. Two suites on the main level of the home make this a great home layout for any loved ones living in. While this extra room is a great option, if your live-in guests would like extra privacy, the second floor works perfectly as an apartment! There are two bedrooms upstairs, a full bathroom, and a loft that can double as a living room or lounge!

Our house plan 2286 is a luxurious and spacious option – a perfect addition to any neighborhood! With nearly 4,000 square feet of space, this large home allows the whole family to enjoy a little privacy. Meanwhile, the large main living space and equally spacious game room are incredible places to gather, enjoy a meal or entertain. As a bonus, each of the five bedrooms in this home has access to a full private bath. The large master suite and main living room have access to an outdoor lounge – perfect for outdoor entertaining! The master suite also has access to the home’s study, which is characterized by large beams.

House Plans With Separate Inlaw Apartment

Perfectly located, just off the home’s large game room, is a beautiful and private in-law suite. With private access to and from this space, your loved ones can live independently, while still enjoying the security of close family. Our customers often use their home’s playroom as a second family

Bedroom Modern Cottage Style House Plan With Open Floor Pl

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