House Plans With Narrow Lots

By | April 13, 2022

House Plans With Narrow Lots – With most and better job opportunities in the cities, people from all walks of life are flocking to the suburbs to find their future. For this reason, the increase in population requires an increased need for housing. In addition, as the desire to live in inner cities continues to increase, it is becoming likely that house plans will have to be built for narrow lots.

Project developers have no choice but to invest in narrow plots to invest better. Consequently, families have no choice but to avail units even with high costs and smaller spaces. On the other hand, they consider it a wise decision given the proximity to their workplace. At the same time, security is at a significant level, and time and effort are saved.

House Plans With Narrow Lots

House Plans With Narrow Lots

Living in narrow houses doesn’t offer much comfort compared to other house types that are built for cosiness. On the contrary, small and narrow houses have their own advantages and advantages.

Townhouse Plans Narrow Lot 4.5×17.2m

Each building plot exists with a corresponding house type. This article aims to offer some narrow plot house plans to help you see the positive points. We must understand that a small or narrow house does not mean compromising on quality or interior design. In fact, one advantage of narrow lots is that you can maximize space by building the structure vertically.

House Plans With Narrow Lots

House plans for narrow lots offer a lot of living space on a small, slim lot. Narrow and small home design is ideal for the current situation of lack of land to accommodate most families. With a lean plan, it is possible to build full-size houses on small lots.

Therefore, with today’s situation, house plans for narrow lots are a necessity for today’s housing requirements. Accordingly, families will also appreciate the other advantages of this type of house by moving into slim apartments.

House Plans With Narrow Lots

Narrow Lot House Plans Central Coast, Newcastle & Hunter: Sfh

When considering building a home on a narrow lot, it’s important to know how to make the most of the space. These are some ways to use a tight space and your house plan to your advantage.

With the right narrow lot house plans, you will find that narrow lots offer quite a number of advantages.

House Plans With Narrow Lots

In summary, many homes on narrow lots are quite spacious, typically using space vertically rather than horizontally. If you like a small house, you will also come across various small designs that work well on a narrow lot. This two story narrow lot house plan can be built on a 152 square meter lot with a minimum frontage of 8 meters. The elegant look of this concept features brown roof tiles, powder coated aluminum and glass windows, brick wall accents, orange combination walls and trellis, and concrete roof panels.

Beautiful House Plans For Narrow Lots

Firewall on both sides, this house design is very efficient in terms of maximizing space. Ground floor consists of open plan garage or carport, foyer and reception room, small porch or patio will welcome you to this home. Equipped with a bedroom on the left wall, dining room and kitchen at the back and living room with sliding door to the garden at the back.

House Plans With Narrow Lots

The second floor of this two storey house plan with narrow lot consists of the family room at the stairs. This is the area where the family can gather and have small talk or bonding before they go to sleep. Small bedroom is on near front with corner window. On the far left at the rear is another bedroom, opposite which is a balcony offering a viewing platform to the garden below. The master bedroom has fitted wardrobes and an en-suite toilet and bathroom.

As simple as it may be, narrow lot plans are designed for compact layout, not luxury. All rooms are expected to be carefully designed to serve their purpose. If you have a plot width of 8 meters, this concept is very applicable and can also be adapted to your plot if you have a smaller plot area.

House Plans With Narrow Lots

Home Design Solutions For Narrow Lots

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