House Plans With In Law Suites

By | June 27, 2022

House Plans With In Law Suites – Over the years, in-laws have redefined the idea of ​​living together for the modern family. These “houses-within-a-house” are furnished accommodations for in-laws, returning children, or overnight/weekend guests. And, they come in all shapes and sizes – from a garage studio apartment to a first-floor master bedroom, a renovated basement, or a small house on the grounds of a primary residence.

This spacious 1-bedroom garage is a lovely choice as a guest house or suite for an older child or in-laws. It includes a full bathroom, kitchen, and living room. (see this project # 196-1049)

House Plans With In Law Suites

House Plans With In Law Suites

Before the expansion years of the post-War era, it was not unusual to have two generations living in the same house. During the prosperous times of the late ’40s and ’50s, children left the family home to seek career opportunities. During the following decades, everyone stayed in their own homes; and entertaining family members on short overnight visits or the odd holiday.

Maynard House Plan

Today, some families are going back to the pre-war years and renovating/renovating their homes to welcome grown children back or accommodate their aging parents or in-laws. Economic uncertainty and the desire to help with long-term housing issues are the reasons for this shift in family living.

House Plans With In Law Suites

In the last few years, there has been a huge increase in the construction of houses with in-law suites. These homes can include a garage, master suite makeover, and a finished basement with its own entrance. In some cases, a small house – with a bedroom, a kitchen, a kitchen / breakfast room, a bathroom, and a living room – fits perfectly in the yard of a large living room – is an attractive option.

A one-story, three-bedroom home with plenty of room to expand. A bonus room or basement can be remodeled to accommodate returning children, elderly parents, or in-laws. (see Program # 109-1086)

House Plans With In Law Suites

Find The Perfect In Law Suite In Our Best House Plans

The master suite – with its own bathroom and sitting area – on the main level of this two-story home can be converted into an in-law suite. Located next to the kitchen, dining room, living room, it is the only bedroom on the first floor and therefore, guarantees the privacy of the residents.

With all these choices, families are painting the modern family picture of “together but apart.” Parents, children, and in some cases, grandparents are living in the same place, with the necessary privacy to both live their lives independently and at the same time, maintain a close relationship – and “shout out” to relatives.

House Plans With In Law Suites

If you are seriously considering asking your mother-in-law or your elderly parents to move into your home, the first step is to assess your current location and the best options for them. Can you expand to provide another first-floor suite – perhaps renovating or renovating another master bedroom?

Story Mediterranean House Plan

For seniors, a room on the first floor or finished floor is the best choice. A garage studio works best for returning children. Whatever accommodation you choose, make the room spacious, relaxing, and most importantly, accessible to the kitchen, dining and living areas.

House Plans With In Law Suites

A two-story master bedroom with plenty of unfinished space that could be used for an in-law suite. The ground floor – with its own entrance – has a good size bedroom suite, complete with full bath and linen closet. A family room and another bedroom are also located in the basement. (see project #158-1193)

The ultimate goal of in-laws is for families to help each other – be it long-term care, or short-term financial disruption – and live together under one roof while maintaining their privacy and space. With that in mind, here are some things to consider when you’re incorporating the father-in-law suit into your home plan.

House Plans With In Law Suites

Mother In Law Suites And Apartments

The one-story, three-bedroom country house features a custom-designed in-law suite – with its own bathroom and living room. (Program # 126-1089)

The spacious master suite on the first floor makes it easy for elderly parents or in-laws to move around the house. The suite near the “social” areas – kitchen, living, dining areas – should be an important part of the design plan.

House Plans With In Law Suites

There is nothing that guarantees privacy more than having a suite with its own bath/shower and living room. Many designers and homeowners choose a shower over a bathroom – if the bathroom is for an adult. Bathroom safety bars can be installed to help walk in the bathroom and reduce the risk of slipping or falling.

House Plan 75172

Bathrooms with tubs and showers can be made extra-friendly by installing safety rails on the walls, sides of the shower, and inside the shower itself. (see floor plan # 126-1289) You can find more mother-in-law suite house plans here.

House Plans With In Law Suites

A basement or first floor bedroom with a separate entrance gives residents the freedom to follow their own schedule and do things on their own.

In some cases, the in-laws may want to prepare food for themselves and eat alone in their “apartment”. A kitchen with microwave oven and breakfast bar would be a welcome addition to the in-law suite.

House Plans With In Law Suites

Rustic Ranch With In Law Suite

It does not matter if your house is a two-story craftsman, a one-story bungalow, a farm or a country house. With careful planning, you can create a cozy “home-within-a-home” for elderly parents, in-laws or older children.

When you’re ready to move forward, remember – you may be living under the same roof, but privacy and space are important in making this work!

House Plans With In Law Suites

Footnotes: The houses in the leading blog label are clockwise from left: Order # 202-1001, Order # 1061315, and Order # 125-1025. As a whole, our citizens are living longer and staying healthier into our senior years. As a result, many adults and families are bringing elderly parents to live in their homes. In-law suites are a great option to incorporate into your home if you have a parent living with you. They allow for easy socializing but provide enough privacy for everyone to have their own space. Our collection of in-law suites offers many options for those considering bringing a parent into the home.

House With Mother In Law Suite

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House Plans With In Law Suites

At Family Home Plans, we have many home plans with in-law suite options. Different types of thinking include:

When looking for the right home plan for your in-laws, here are some things to consider:

House Plans With In Law Suites

In Law Suites & Additions

When you work with us, you’ll see why we’re the leading home office planner. Here are some of the things we offer our customers:

Check out our selection of home plans and in-law suites today to start your dream home design search. What’s in the Plan Set? Making Changes Before We Update Your Plans Other Things You May Need About Your Building Permits to Build Support About Our Plans

House Plans With In Law Suites

ADU Bonus Room Bonus / Bedroom Enclosed Patio Guest Suite Inlaw Mud Room Outdoor Dining Room Outdoor Living Room Exterior Door to Guest Suite / Apt 2nd Laundry Room 2nd Master Bedroom Split Beds Storage Utility on Master Walk-In Pantry Wet Bar Wood Truss Gables.

Five Bedroom Modern Farmhouse With In Law Suite

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House Plans With In Law Suites

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House Plans With In Law Suites

Modern Farmhouse Plan: 6,040 Square Feet, 6 Bedrooms, 5.5 Bathrooms

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