Home Design 101: Back Splash Tile

Your mom told you that you should be useful in the house by helping her with house chores. She told you to do the dishes and be a good son or daughter. You lazily moved to the sink, and the pile of dirty dishes repelled you away. But because you knew that your mother would be very disappointed in you if you did not do what she told you to do, you walked to the sink and turned the tap on, half-heartedly washing the dirty dishes. In your quest of washing the dirty dishes, you noticed something odd.

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The wall behind the sink is not the same as every other walls out there. The walls in your kitchen is not tiled, but the wall behind your sink is. The reasoning behind this action eludes you because you lacked the knowledge on how to design a kitchen. This is where this article comes in. This article will help you in finding the reason behind people putting tiles behind the sink or behind any plumbing tool.

What are those tiles called?

The tiles you saw are called backsplash tiles. They are called backsplash tiles because they protect your walls from your splashes of water. When you wash the dishes, there is bound to be water splashing into the back of your sink. These tiles serve to protect your wall from the splash. As in the case with all tiles, it will be easier for you to clean it when the water does splash. If you do not believe me, just throw a dirt at your bare wall and at your tiles. If you think the bare wall is easier to clean, then I would like to know what your secret is.

Where to put backsplash tiles?

You can find many backsplash tiles installed directly behind the sink. You may also find them installed along the back of the counter and the stove. Stoves are the place where you cook your meal, and not all meals are dry (even the dry one sometimes need oil). Putting backsplash tiles behind your stove will protect your walls from grease and many other liquid substances.

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Are there any other benefit from installing backsplash tiles?

If the functional purpose is not enough for you, a backsplash tiles can also serve as thing that can beautify your kitchen. If you plan to use backsplash tiles as a decoration, just remember that you should not choose a colour that may contradict with the colour of your wall.

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