Holiday Decorating Ideas for Christmas and New Year 2016

There are some quick and easy ways to decorate your home for holiday seasons. And this season, try some cheaper DIY Christmas ornament to make your Chrismas Tree look different and fun. Here are some holiday decoratng ideas for Christmas and New Year.

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DIY Patchwork Dolls on Chrismas Tree

Old Christmas tree from last year can be decored in different ways. Making patchwork ornaments are not so difficult to try. All you need is numbers of rags/perchas, needles, colorful flosses, used papers, and a little dacron. Firstly, define what kind of theme you are going to put on your tree. You can make animal forms or Christmas stuffs to begin the project. Make a 2D pattern on a used paper, and cut it according to the line.

Now attach the pattern on the double folding percha, make sure it won’t move by sticking needles into it. Now cut the percha by giving 1 cm more to give stiching space. When it’s done, attach the two cut percha and stich them using side stich method and start sewing but let a few cm hole to insert some dacron, and after that, finish the stitches. Colorful perchas will look more fun, and colorful flanel would look lovely too.

When it is done, put about 20 cm of flosses to sew on the dolls as the hanger. If you make animal forms, you might need eyes on it, and you can use beads or fake eyes and put them with glue. If you like, you can also add glittering accent on the dolls that will make the Christmas tree give some luminousity when the light is on. This dolls patchwork are great on white Christmas tree, but also nice on the green ones.

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Eco Friendly Christmas Tree You Can Make at Home

Do you know that Christmas tree can be created by ourselves, using used natural stuffs like used wooden container or crates? The more holes it has, the more beautiful the christmas tree is. Get 1 wooden used pole from old building, the size depends on how big you want to make the tree. This pole will be the centre of the crate arrangement, and it does not have to be straight.

Now put some crate you have cut in same size, foursquare, about 10 cm x 30 cm for the lowest part, and shorter for the upper part. Attach from the longest to the shortest cut from bottom to top. Make a spiral shape around the pole, and use nail to strengthen it. It’s done. All you need is to put ornaments on this used crate Christmas tree that will be eco friendly!

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