Hobbit House Plans with Stackwell Building Style

With so many loves for novels written by J.R.R Tolkien with Lord of The Ring and The Hobbit Movie, the hobbit house plans have been a craze worldwide. Unusual yet classically stunning and comfortable has made this house plan a dream house. Situated in the middle of the nature with greenery everywhere, the house becomes a perfect getaway from the crowds. The realizations of this house in several parts of the worlds have so perfectly resembled the original portrayed by Tolkien. With a strong wooden element, the signature style of the house has been undeniably distinctive.

Stunning Hobbit House Design With Natural Exterior also Circle Windows

One of the most famous for novels written by J.R.R Tolkien with Lord of The Ring and The Hobbit Movie, the h hobbit house plans is created by Rena Upitis. It is situated near the glacially carved lake disrupted with natural beaver dams in Ontario. It is surrounded by 200 acres woodland. Magical place as it is usually called is now used for retreat center. Perfectly resembling the hobbit house described in the novel, it is constructed from hard cordwood and old dried cedar. The cut is thick, much thicker than in normal houses. The building technique is called stackwell building.

Outer look of the house is distinctively unique. Rough cut natural stones and wood coexist creating the solid wall from the front to the side and the back. Wood is unfinished to make it looks more natural and the stones are unpainted as well. The roof features seven sided style made from quality non permeable membranes. It has bright yellow color that isn’t only beautiful but also holds vegetation and soil.

Marvelous Underground Hobbit House Design Ideas With Bright Lighting Fixture

Entering into the house is spacious living room welcoming the guests. With only one wood coffee table and several chairs with soft fabric upholstery in neutral born, the living space feels spacious, warm and inviting. Across the chairs is middle age style fireplace made from stone for heating. It allows the guests to stay warm while the temperature reaches 10 degrees below zero outside. A small open concept kitchen is situated next to the living room added with old-style woodstove for cooking. As for the bedroom, hobbit house is often known for wood bed frame with rough and thick wood cuts, and sometimes a bunk bed. Faux fur area rug is placed in the center of the bedroom for comfort and protection from the cold weather. A cushioned window overlooking the beautiful outside world is another signature style of hobbit house plans.

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