Have Tight Budget? Go with Narrow Kitchen Island

When you have a small kitchen, you often think of a limited space where you can’t do much. Even considering creating more counter space is like nearly impossible. Kitchen islands are likely to be good for bigger kitchens since they have wider space. Actually, that’s not true. A small kitchen does have the same opportunity to have kitchen islands. If you are going to market, you will find that there are lots of small yet purposeful kitchen islands, whether mobile or stationary. Although the narrowest kitchen island still takes some part of square footage, at least everything in the kitchen is well arranged and organized.

Nervous Furniture For Narrow Kitchen Island With Pendant Lighting and Cabinet

General kitchen islands are designed to enhance the kitchen’s look, provide worktop area, offer storage space, or as a place to put the built-in kitchen sink or oven. However, there are two problems people will deal with. First, traditional kitchen island is usually bigger and sometimes it gets worse when kitchen lacks of floor space. Second, the cost for installing the kitchen island for bigger kitchen is pretty high. Homeowners can spend up to $2,000 when the traditional kitchen island is successfully installed. So how you should handle these problems?

Looking back to the first paragraph, small kitchen islands or narrow kitchen islands would be a great choice. They won’t be a big problem for homeowners who are running out of budget and at the same time have kitchen with limited space. A narrow kitchen island offers practical solution that would not let anyone down and would not break the bank. When looking for the best kitchen island, you need to remember these:

1. Has shelves, drawers or hooks as the additional storage

2. Provides extra counter space

3. The size is proper and right so you won’t be interrupted while working

4. Can be used as breakfast spot or an eating counter

Awful Pendant Lighting also Bar Table Plus Visible Chair  Decor

It is not easy to decide whether or not you have to use a kitchen island. But once you have made your final decision, the next thing to do is to examine the size of the kitchen island. Usually kitchen islands are placed in the center of the kitchen. When the kitchen comes in an L shape formation, then kitchen islands are put close to an open floor plan. Not all kitchens fit with permanent islands. If you notice that there isn’t space left for that type of Kitchen Island, probably you can go with an island that can be tucked away, moved or rolled to another area if necessary.

Fantastic Furniture For Narrow Kitchen Island Using Wooden Bar Table and Chairs

Graceful Interior For Narrow Kitchen Island With White Cabinet and Appealing Lamps

Interesting Pendant Lighting above Bar Table For Decorating Narrow Kitchen Island

Luxurious Cabinet also Chandelier Plus Shelve For Narrow Kitchen Island

Magnificent Bar Table With Granite Top For Narrow Kitchen Island

Minimalist Table also Neat Cabinet With Brown Wooden Top Decor

Opulent Bar Table and Cabinet With Lush Top also Cute Backsplash

Pleasant Bar Chairs and Table also Mounted Shelve Plus Built In Lamps

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