Guide to Buy Bunk Bed for Children

When you have several children but there are no rooms to accommodate them, bunk bed is perfect solution for it. Bunk bed with storage is the best choice for small bedroom. It can save the space in the room since you do not need bigger storage that will take floor space. In this article we will give you the information how to select bunk bed for your children. What factor that you need to consider to buy bunk bed. Let’s take a look.

Captivating Gray Bunk Bed Between Book Shelves for Teenage Bedroom

Separable bunks

Now you may not have a thought to buy bigger house or renovate your house, but just for the safe, you may consider to buy bunk bed which can be separated. So when your children are older or you move into bigger house with more rooms, you can turn those bunk bed into twin beds. It will save your money to buy new beds.

The space between beds

When you browse bunk bed, it is recommended to choose bunk bed that have bigger space between the beds. So when you sit on lower bed to tuck in your kid, you do not have to stoop your head.

The ceiling

You must measure the height of your ceiling before you go shopping or if there is ceiling fan in the room. The bunk bed height will depend on the room ceiling.

Truckle bed

Bunk bed with truckle bed will save the space in the room if you need bed for three people. But of course you must measure the room whether it has spaces for truckle bed when it is rolling out.

The stairs

For younger children, the stairs with an angle is safer than the vertical stairs. One benefit of having the stairs with angle is it usually has the storage drawer beneath the stairs.

Appealing Chandelier Plus Lush Bunk Bed With Storage again Charming Bench

The rails

For younger children, high rails are necessary for their safety but do not pick the rails that are too high, or the rails will look like confinement on the bunk bed.

The stability

You know that children will always jump and bounce once they set their feet on the bed. That is why you have to check the bed’s stability. Will it stand up for all hard rocking on the bed? Check also the bunk bed’s materials and assemble. You can see whether the bunk bed is durable or not by looking those two points.

The storage

If you need more storage for the room, you can pick bunk bed storage. Make sure you know or bring the measurement of the bedroom when you go shopping. Open the storage drawers or doors at its maximum opening, so you’ll know whether there is enough room for bunk bed with storage or not.

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