Green Velvet Sofa for Your Modern Living Room

Having velvet sofa has become a trend again lately. Mostly associated with royal and vintage design, velvet sofa has turned into a perfect element for a modern minimalist living room nowadays. Here, if you want to put one or a set of velvet sofa in your living room, you can consider the pros and cons of having velvet sofa.

Awesome Family Room With Oval Coffee Table and Green Velvet Sofa

Pros of Velvet Sofa

1. Luxurious in appearance

Aside from leather, velvet is also a material for sofa which can give luxurious looks to your living room. Considering the price as well, velvet sofa will be a cheaper choice to give extravagant touch to your living room instead of having leather sofa.

2. Super comfortable

The velvet sofa has a soft surface and also considerably fluffy. Therefore, it offers comfort with its smooth touch for those sitting or cuddling on it.

3. Inviting Vibe

Its soft and smooth appearance also makes velvet sofa tends to be inviting for those entering the living room. It will definitely be a perfect choice if you want to give a welcoming look to your living room.

Attractive Room Decor Using Minimalist Green Sofa and Book Shelve

Cons of Velvet Sofa

1. Difficult to clean

The velvet material has always been known for being hard to clean. It is vulnerable to dust and stains. Regular or daily cleaning with vacuum cleaner is thus highly recommended.

2. Easy to wear off

Talking about the durability, the velvet sofa may not be able to last as long as leather sofa. In fact, velvet sofa tends to get easily wear off as it is vulnerable to scratch and pressure.

The Color Choice for Your Velvet Sofa

If you’ve been sure to have velvet sofa for your living room, despite all the pros and cons, the next thing you need to consider is the right color. As we’ve learned before, velvet sofa has become a new trend of style for modern living room. Here, the modern living room itself tend to employ neutral shade of colors such as white, black and grey. By then, the bold color for the velvet sofa is such a best shoot! By splashing bold color only to the velvet sofa will make a sophisticated contrast to the minimalist background of the living room. The perfect bold hues choice itself can be orange, lavender, raspberry, and emerald or perhaps lime green velvet sofa. Surely, your bold color choice for the velvet sofa will save you from the suffering caused by the neutral fatigue.

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