Great Ideas on Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces

Having small spaces is not a problem anymore now. There are many great and smart ideas for your small spaces. Whether you live in small house or small apartment, these ideas may give some enlighten. These are some creative kitchen tables for small spaces.

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1. Folded wall table

This furniture is really the best one for your small spaces. This kitchen table will be a wall picture and table in different time. When it is folded, you can enjoy the picture. When you want to have meal, you can open its legs to become a table. Even other people will not notice if the picture is actually a table.

2. Simple little kitchen table

This little kitchen table adopt the design from Nordic. The luxurious looks from this table is not like the price. It is cheaper actually. Made in Scandinavia, this table is simple and also quite expensive. It is made of wood. This table consists of 5 pieces but when you put together the table will be seen as furniture.

3. Four pops out from table

This idea is really great for small spaces. You don’t need larger space when the table is in collapsed mode. However, if you have more guests then you can pull extra table which can pop out from the table. Moreover, you will have bigger table which is five times bigger. The table has simple design and a match for small family and small spaces.

4. Foldable kitchen table

This table’s size can be doubled as soon as you open the folded. The top of the table fold and you can open it to make bigger table. Small table will be great for small occasions.

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5. Sofa kitchen table lift up into dining table

This kitchen table is actually so small and may favorite for some people. Although it is small, but when it is collapsed, magically the kitchen table will be as big as full-sized dining table. When you give a bit pressure on the top then you can lift the table up again. This idea is so smart.

6. Coffee table like kitchen table

Actually, the idea of this table is almost the same like above. However, this one is more stylish and has Scandinavian styles. It is great that you can keep your books, magazines, laptops or carpet in sofa area. This table gives more space to your stuff. You can keep your stuff neat and tidy under this kitchen table.

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