Great Colour Combinations for White Cabinet Kitchen

White is a colour which often used in the kitchen since it exudes crisp, clean, and glamour feeling. It creates serene ambiance which is very comfortable to cook. White also can balance the lighting since it can provide enough natural light at noon and decorate the room well at night. When you applied this colour in the kitchen, you can do many explorations. White cabinet kitchen offer contrast look which can be combined with almost every colour you prefer. It does not have limitation to choose dark and bold colours since white will neutralize it so that they do not appear too overbroad.

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You might be thinking that applying grey in the kitchen appears gloomy but it won’t happen if you choose the suitable shades. Kitchen cabinet that comes with white colour will look perfect, if you combine it with soft medium grey with little shade of blue or grey in dark charcoal shade. Grey does not only offer perfect background for kitchen displays but also help to accentuate kitchen countertop made from granite or stainless steel. If you want to avoid too dark look, you can apply medium grey coat as a base previously, then top it with darker grey shade like charcoal.


Combining white and green colour is effective to create either retro or contemporary look in the kitchen. Hence, it can be great idea if you have white cabinet. If you want to make your kitchen more moderate with little bit of contemporary feel, you can mix white with sage green shade. However if you want to make the kitchen appear brighter with little touch of retro look, you had better to mingle white with mint green. You even can create country kitchen by mixing white and green shades. All you have to do is combining white cabinet with olive green.

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Terra cotta

Terra cotta can be applied in the kitchen wall to provide great contrast with white cabinet kitchen. Even though this earthy shade is considered as bold colour, it is still possible for you to combine this colour with any other colourful shades in the kitchen. If you already display cookware made from copper either in wall or shelves, you can select the colour shades which create contrast looks with those items. If you can choose the right colour which is contrast with that cookware, you can make those items look more stands out in your white kitchen.

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