Girly Bunk Beds for Kids and Teenagers

By | May 22, 2022

Girl bunk beds can be the best solution for girls who have to share their bedroom. There are countless designs of bunk beds so we do not have to worry about what kind of interior design that goes with the bunk bed both for little girls and teenagers.

Modern Girl Bunk Beds Design with Colorful Look

Girly bunk bed ideas for kids

Having two little daughters can be a big problem when you have not yet prepared two separate rooms or super big bed rooms to place two beds in one bed room. To solve your problem, bunk beds can be very helpful. It spacing safe and make you even easier to build additional storage. But, what kind of bunk bed that we need? First, we can try a bunk bed with princess theme. If both kids love the same color such as pink, we can just choose a bunk bed with pink colors. Second, the corner bunk beds. If you want the girls to be able to store all of their stuffs in their room, a corner bunk bed would be perfect. With corner bunk beds, we can build additional racks on one side of the bed. It can be a perfect spot to arrange books, dolls, or some other things.

Third, build some drawers under the stairs. Every stair can hold one stair. So, the girls can put some stuffs like clothes or sandals or shoes in this drawer. Some other stuffs that are rarely used can also be kept in each drawer. To make the bunk bed nicer, you just need to build great safety system and put cute bedding in each bed for little girl bunk beds.

Girl Bunk Beds with Best Loft Beds

Teenager bunk beds

How about teenage girl bunk beds? There are even more ideas for teenage girl bunk beds. First, make it shabby chic bunk beds. Bunk beds do not have always to be built with wood materials. You can choose shabby chic bunk beds that are made of metals and painted white. You can also paint the metal bunk beds with teal color.

Second, romantic beds. Simple bunk beds like the usual bunk beds can be the choice ever. You can make it super romantic bunk beds. For example we can have red bedding for each bead with simple cover. To make it perfect, you can have little warm tone lighting around the bed.

Third, rustic bunk beds. For you who love rustic and warm bedroom, rustic bunk beds can be the best choice. Let the wood color expose and have simple bedding with white as the dominant color. It is just perfect.

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