Get These 3 Before Working On Outdoor Fireplace Plans

Having an outdoor fireplace at our home’s patio, backyard, or anywhere you want it to be, is amazing. It would be a romantic or simply warm conversation if it is done around the heat of the fireplace of which design and size must be suited to your home’s interior and exterior design. Yes, it is definitely true that you cannot just build a fireplace without considering the harmony between the indoor and outdoor spheres.

Besides, there are several other things you need to crosscheck on your outdoor fireplace plans, if they have passed these considerations.

Open Outdoor Patio with Brown Seating Unit Completed with Stone Fireplace

Fireplace’s Purposes

Before thinking about designs, sizes, materials and other attributive aspects, you need to firstly make sure about what you are going to do with the outdoor fireplace. Does it have to be simply an outdoor warming source, or entertaining spot? Even, you might have also thought about what if you replace the fireplace with a dining table to hold an outdoor family dinner.

Whatever you intend to do with the fireplace, it would impact to the designs, size and materials you have to use to the fireplace. For instance, a portable freestanding fireplace can be replaced with a dining table purposively. Yet, a sunken fire pit is looking so amazing for gathering people around it.

Fireplace’s Energy Source

There are basically two energy sources for your outdoor fireplace plans, wood or gas. Each of them has certainly its own advantages and disadvantages, which are later given to you to decide which one suits your landscape.

Wood-burning fireplaces produce smoke which must be handled with a chimney. On the other hand, gas fireplaces do not need this one. However, wood burning looks so rustic and classic, making us feel the warm atmosphere even stronger. Gas fireplaces could be great too, but you need to consider the location as it has to be adjusted to the pipe line underground which will supply the gas for the fireplace.

White Outdoor Fireplace with Mantel to Put Lamps and Ornament Completing Open Patio

Fireplace’s Size and Design

These two aspects are correlated to one another which is why you cannot remove one of them while choosing one from hundreds of outdoor fireplace plans. Fireplace’s sizing and design must be in harmony with your home’ interior and exterior design. Too small fireplace will not be the best company for a wide patio, the same as large fireplace at a small backyard.

The fireplace’s design also has to be relevant with your home’s model. Modern contemporary, rustic or vintage houses are best suited with particular fireplace designs.

Inspiring Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace and Island for Cozy Entertainment

Warm Atmosphere Outside Supported by Perfect Outdoor Fireplace Plans with Stone Surround

Unique Outdoor Fireplace Surrounded with Outdoor Armchairs with Patterned Pillows

Symmetrical Outdoor Fireplace Plan to Serve Two People Sitting on the Armchairs with Footboard

Simple Outdoor Moveable Fireplace Provide You Flexible Location to Where Warmth is Needed

Decorative Stone Fireplace Plan with Hood to Complete Outdoor Area with Warmth

Cozy Outdoor Living Space with Traditional Seating Units and Stone Outdoor Fireplace

Contemporary Outdoor Patio with Built in Seating Units and Fireplace Installed on Wall

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