Garage Bike Storage Rack Ideas to Minimize Visual Clutter

No matter what size your garage is, it can be frustrated seeing your bike always block the entryway or be tangled to another bikes in the garage. It is time for you to reorganize your garage bike storage with these bike racks. Your frustration will go away and you will be happy seeing your garage becomes neat and tidy.

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Wall rack

You can find many wall racks with different types and brands in the market. There are wall racks that will hang your bikes horizontally or vertically. It is up to you which one to choose, but of course you have to consider the space in the garage and the accessibility to reach the bikes. Wall racks that hang bikes horizontally may give a problem for short person to reach the bikes on the highest rack. Most wall racks are easy to install and affordable to buy.

Wall hanger

It is similar with wall rack that have two options of hanging, horizontal and vertical. Some wall hanger provide space for looping bike lock. That will give double protection for your precious bikes.

Freestanding bike rack

It is perfect for you who do not have skillful hand to install wall rack or wall hanger. You can put freestanding bike rack in the corner or at the side of garage. Freestanding bike rack usually can hang up to two bikes. Make sure you put this rack on even floor or it will topple down.

Floor parking rack

If you have big space on your garage, this floor parking rack can be your options to store your bikes. Floor parking rack is also suit for family house which has several bikes for each family member. You can park up to five bike on this rack. The upside of this floor parking rack is you do not have to lift your bike every time you want to use it even your children can take their bikes in and out easily.

Taking Interior Garage Bike Storage With Luring Wall also Orbs Chandelier

Hanging on ceiling bike rack

This rack will suit best in small garage. It installs on the ceiling so you have to make sure your garage ceiling is strong enough to hold the rack plus the bike’s weight. It may be a little bit problem for women or children to get their bikes since they need to do overhead lifting.

Bike lift hoist

This is the alternative to hang the bikes on the ceiling. The hooks and pulleys will help you get the bikes on the ceiling easier without you have to do overhead lifting. Those are general ideas of garage bike storage. You can find them on convenient store or bicycle shops.

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