Galley Kitchen Ideas: Steps to Plan to Set up Galley Kitchen

By | June 25, 2022

Galley kitchen is usually found in a ship or cruise, and other places such as big hotels or restaurants in which the chefs exist as the leaders. If you plan to open your own restaurant, you need to know the most suitable setting of the galley. This big functional kitchen must be set appropriately to support the activities and mobilization of the kitchen staffs inside. Of course, the room setting must provide spacious and effective spaces for all kitchen activities. Here are some steps to take in order to set up a galley kitchen for your own place.

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1. Space Assessment: Mind the Space of your Galley

The first thing that you have to consider is the space. You should know how big your room is to set a galley kitchen. A galley kitchen should have an easy access to put or take things, such as kitchen utensils and ingredients, fast. Do not make the room too big to do such activities because it can make the workflow in the galley ineffective. Small or medium size is better, as long as it doesn’t feel very narrow.

2. Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Style: Choose the Galley Layout

If you want to set the galley symmetrically, you have to make two rows which face each other. For example, one side will be the pace for the cabinets and the other side will be the place for stoves and sink. So, you make use of two sides properly in one room. On the other hand, you can set the galley asymmetrically by putting each group of tools and cabinets in different places. For example, you set the cabinets on the northern part while the stoves are on the east part of your galley. Then, you put the sink on the southern part while the ingredients place in on the western part of the galley. However, both layouts are good depending on the space you have.

3. Cabinet Setting: Put the Cabinets on One Side

Whatever the layout you choose is, you’d better to put the cabinets in one side. It will ease the staffs to take everything from it. So, set one space only for cabinets.

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4. Outside Access: Set an Appropriate Access to Go Out

You need to provide the easiest access to go out and in the galley. It will affect the mobilisation of the staffs later on. Moreover, easy access to go in and out will make the workflow faster and more effective.

If you want to start your business by opening a restaurant, the first thing that you have to know is the setting-up of the kitchen. Your galley must be set as appropriate as possible to support the fast and effective work. Those galley kitchen ideas may give you some inspiration in setting up your space.

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