Front Porch Bench, An Excellent Way to Invite Guest

If the kitchen is the heart of a house, porch is the welcoming visitors’ point that plays an important role to impress both passers and guests. It doesn’t matter if the porch is just a small entry area. What’s most important is how well decorated the porch is. In this case, the front porch bench becomes the focal point. It’s like a preview of what’s inside the house. Good decorated and comfortable bench is very inviting. Both owners and guests will love spending time in the morning sitting on the bench and see what’s going on in the outer world.

Delicate Rattan Front Porch BEnch With Pillows and Big Umbrella

In every classic American house, front porch bench is more than just accessories. The bench is also functional though it may not be used as often as backyard patio. But it is still an important part of the front house design. The bench which is mostly made from wood can appear in various styles. From traditional looking bench in white paint to contemporary hardwood bench in dark color palette. It’s somehow decorated to get along with the other elements in the porch including vases with plants and a coffee table.

For aesthetic reason, the swinging bench is another most favorable bench style. Unlike usual bench, it looks more beautiful and eye catching. Imagine sitting on it while it swings slowly as you enjoy the fresh outdoor air in the afternoon. It’s simply the best way ever to spend the end of the day.

Decorating the front porch bench can also be done by repainting it with different color shades and hues. For functional purpose, adding small patterned pillows is also recommended. The size of bench on the other hand, is customizable. Suppose the front porch area is small, a rectangular medium size bench is the right option. But, a big front porch requires more than just one bench. It should have at least two bench placed across each other. This way, it can welcome more guests to spend relaxing time on the front porch.

Interesting Front Porch also Pillow and Square Wooden Coffee Table

The type of paint and finish for the bench has to be decided rightly. Remember the bench is going to outside 24 hours a day and is exposed to harsh weather. So, it gets shabby faster than indoor furniture. Choosing certain paint and finish with better protection against the weather is the right thing to do. This way, the bench has more lifespan and it sums up your creation of a perfect front porch design.

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