Flowery House: Indoor Flowerpots

Do you want to flower up your house but find yourself that you do not have an adequate sized garden? Having a flowery house can be a good thing for you. Not only it will show people that you love nature, flowers can be a good decoration too. The many colours from different kinds of flower can be a good thing to show to guests and it will be sure to reap many compliments from them (only if you kept good care of the flowers, of course). Garden of flowers is a good spot to hang around in, and it will spoil both your eyes and nose (unless you put a Rafflesia arnoldi in there. Do not expect that big flower to let out a pleasant scent. There is a reason why they call it a stinking corpse lily. I admit they are beautiful though).

Hunky Wall Art Design Idea Using Wooden Flower Pot Style

But sadly, not many people will have the chance to have a garden in their house. In this time of the age, buildings started to get taller and taller, leaving the trend of wide houses with gardens or a yard, be it in the back or in the front, behind. If you are the kind of person who do not own a house with a space for flower gardens, then you should not worry because there is an answer to your problem: indoor flowerpots.

Where should I put indoor flowerpots?

You always put indoor flowerpots indoor (as if that is not obvious), preferably in places where the sunlight can touch them. A spot near the windows is preferable (actually, I cannot find anywhere else that can be perfect for indoor flowerpots). Your plants needs sunlight, so putting them there is a good way to keep them healthy and strong (I suggest going against using plastic plant and use real plants. If you use plastic plant, not only you are not a lover of nature, you are also a scrub). I also suggest not to put them hanging above tiled floors or floors that are not ‘natural’. If you did decide to put your indoor flowerpots on top of tiled floors, be prepared to clean the soil that came out of the pot every time you water it.

Interesting Style Of White Indoor Flower Pots Using Stainless Steel Pipe

How to keep my indoor flowers healthy?

It is pretty simple actually. You just have to water them every day and you should always put them in direct sunlight. Flowers are plants, and plants love sunlight. The math is simple and it is a formula that can never go wrong.

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